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Unit 1 Stratton View Business Park, BUDE, EX23 9NR
  • Telephone: 01288 356504

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Although our studio is open by appointment only we like to think that we are "open all hours" please telephone and we will do our best to fit in with y our diary!

Morwenna Photography

Fab Session

“Fab session today - it was great to see Kelly enjoying herself so much. Seeing the shots you took has made her believe in what we see - a beautiful young woman. Through your brilliance with the lens you have given her some confidence back. Thank you”

By BSGalactica75 | Wednesday, November 30 2011

Just to introduce ourselves - Morwenna Photography is a family run team consisting of husband and wife Kim and Allan Gouldson with Kim's son...

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  • Profile image for Me11243
    Me11243  |  Wednesday, January 25 2012, 7:33AM  |  Report
    The Stanbury family!

    Would like to thank Kim and Allan so much for a lovely session last night. We aren't usually one for photographs but you made us all feel very comfortable and welcome! We were grateful that you allowed dogs because he is a part of the family, the photo's turned out lovely and will be very hard to narrow them down! Thanks again and we will be back...! :)

  • Profile image for Nought 2 Four
    Nought 2 Four  |  Wednesday, November 30 2011, 12:23PM  |  Report
    Excellent and great Fun

    We took our dog Eddie to Morwenna for a photo shoot hoping for some nice pictures of him for once not covered in mud or wet. But what we came away with where fab pictures of eddie so nice that we cant make are mines up which one we wont and have now asked all are family for pictures of Eddie for xmas. Kim & partner are great fun to work with. Eddie loved being there. I have plans to have some pictures take of him on the beach in the summer and canal doing this driving act and cant wait to get this on film.

  • Profile image for BSGalactica75
    BSGalactica75  |  Wednesday, November 30 2011, 9:14AM  |  Report
    Fab Session

    Fab session today - it was great to see Kelly enjoying herself so much. Seeing the shots you took has made her believe in what we see - a beautiful young woman. Through your brilliance with the lens you have given her some confidence back. Thank you

  • Profile image for BudePeeps
    BudePeeps  |  Tuesday, November 22 2011, 7:13AM  |  Report
    Spectacularly Easy!

    Having seen Morwenna's Pet Portrait galleries of beautiful, nicely groomed pets, I was uncertain about taking along our scruffy rescue Border Collie, who loves being outside, getting very dirty, and going to the beach. Suggs (no, we didn't name him - it came with the package) isn't the prettiest dog on the planet, but he's ours, and much-loved! He loves playing ball and running into the sea, and even does a bit of rounding up; invariably, this involves him being muddy! So, you get the picture (excuse the pun!) that a photographic studio isn't his natural habitat. Suggs took to the stairs at the Stratton Studio like a natural. There was an option for him to sit on a sofa, but he's not allowed to at home, being a muddy kind of dog, and it would have felt alien to him. In the event he was very well behaved, despite not liking the Christmas hairband we tried. Well, that's to be expected as he's past the cute puppy stage. A proper 'working' dog! Interestingly, he was at his best listening to Allan's voice (Suggs is a definite man's dog!) So, gorgeous he isn't, but Kim managed to somehow capture Suggs' character in her photos. I was amazed at how painless - and quick - the process was. By evening, Suggs was on the Morwenna gallery so I was able to view the photos. There is also their fabulous pre-Christmas free sitting offer (worth £40) at the moment and discounted canvases, so a really good time to go for it! The ordering can be done online, which is really easy. Given little previous experience of photographers, which has mainly been production line graduation/school shots or laborious make-over, this was a very friendly, stress-free, pleasant surprise. It was spectacularly easy - and we still had time for the important business of going to the beach (where, of course, Suggs washed off the muddy bits!!) afterwards. So, now the hard part - which ones to buy?

    Morwenna Photography  |  Tuesday, November 22 2011, 6:07PM  |  Report

    Thank you for your kind words. Suggs was a joy to work with.

  • Profile image for claire1236
    claire1236  |  Thursday, October 27 2011, 6:16PM  |  Report
    Fantastic wedding photos.

    I would (and have) recommend Morwenna photography to anyone. I usually hate having my photograph taken (anyone who knows me, knows as soon as I see a camera I run and hide) But Kim and Allen put me instantly at ease, and although Kim told me I wouldnt even notice she was there, initially I didnt believe her, however, true to her word after the first inital shots I forgot she was there and relaxed, when we looked at the photos found lots that I didnt even know had been taken. Kim and Allen have a fantastic calm manner that would put the most nervous person at ease, and managed to captured our wedding day to perfection, right from the small details that could have been forgotten to catching the spontaneous moments like when I decided to show the vicar my red shoes! Morwenna photographys dedication and love for their profession showed through right from the inital chat to helping sort through photos for my wedding album. Ive been married for almost a year and when I look through my album I remember the day like it was yesterday, and can never thank them enough for putting our memories into print. Morwenna photography provide a fantastic service, and I highly recommend that if you need a photographer Kim and Allen are the people to call.

    Morwenna Photography  |  Tuesday, November 08 2011, 6:33AM  |  Report

    Thank you Claire - will never forget those fantastic fish and chips or those "to die for" red shoes - Father David's face was a picture!

  • Profile image for Kimmy1988
    Kimmy1988  |  Sunday, October 23 2011, 3:14PM  |  Report
    Excellent, highly recommended

    We went to morwenna for a shoot with our 3 week old baby! Not only where both Kim and partner friendly helpful and caring but they made us feel comfortable and calm. Our photo selection was amazing and price was unbeatable we are returning for another shoot with our now 10 month old for a sitting for Christmas, I would highly recommend morwenna photography to everyone I know. Thank u both so much Kim xx

    Morwenna Photography  |  Tuesday, November 08 2011, 6:34AM  |  Report

    Thank you Kim, can't wait to get you all back in the studio again, really looking forward to it.

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