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One in five university students has had 'sexual contact' with a lecturer

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: April 16, 2014

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British university students are getting more than just an education - after a new survey revealed a whopping one in five has had 'sexual contact' with a lecturer.

The figures reveal that an incredible 19 per cent of higher education students in Britain have had some form of sexual relations with their teachers.

The University of Sussex is thought to be a hotbed for randy lecturers, with a surprising 13 per cent of students having claimed to have had sex with a teacher.

English teachers are seen as being the most desirable, while history experts are seen as the least.

The survey of more than 1,700 students was carried out by casual sex website ShagAtUni.

The data shows that just three per cent of Oxford University students have had relations with one of their professors, while just one in fifty students at De Montford University in Leicester have had a sexual contact with a teacher.

ShagAtUni creator Tom Thurlow said: "Everybody knows at least one student who has been attracted to a lecturer at their university, so why should it be so shocking to find out that relationships are formed when lecturers also develop these feelings towards their pretty, young students?

"Yes it might be controversial and frowned upon to engage in a student/teacher relationship, but if we are talking about two willing and consenting adults, no damage is really being done."

Also 61 per cent of students who responded to the survey claimed to have flirted with a lecturer because they were attracted to them or wanted better grades.

Sussex was the university where students were most likely to sleep with lecturers, followed by Edinburgh and Cardiff Metropolitan.

Surprisingly, 12 per cent of respondents found English lecturers as being the most desirable whilst a miserable 3 per cent were attracted to History lecturers.

Speaking to student website The Tab, Tom added: "The fact that English teachers emerged as the most likely to develop sexual feelings or relationships with their students certainly makes sense if you consider the fact that those who teach English are likely to be well-read and able to recite romantic poetry to their students at the drop of hat.

"Who is going to be more attractive to an 18-year-old student than someone older and in a position of power?"

The survey defines 'sexual contact' as any form of physical interaction between a student and a lecturer, including but not restricted to hugging, kissing and full penetration.

While on average almost one in five university students has had 'sexual contact' with a teacher, fewer than ten per cent have actually taken that as far as sexual intercourse.

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