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Can I stop my diabetes medication? It may be possible

By HealthAlert  |  Posted: November 24, 2012

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Can I stop my diabetes medication is atypical question from diabetics who would like to treat the illnessnaturally. There has been a tremendous increase in people stoppingdiabetic medication due to the latest black box serious warning thatwas given to the billion dollar selling drug Actos. Can I stop mydiabetes medication became a popular question because many peoplewere contracting cancer from the blood sugar medication.

The Deaths from Diabetic medicationsincreased over 200% in last 5 years

The FDA in the United States hasslapped the makers of the 2 largest diabetic medications in the worldActos and Avandia with a extreme warning. Let's start with Actos, thedrug was shown to help control blood sugar but it worked very mildly.Later it was discovered that the drug was doing something veryhorrible. The Actos was turning normal cells into cancer cells.People were getting sudden outburst of spontaneous bladder cancer.Diabetic drugs are serious stuff. This lead to thousands asking can Istop my diabetes medication. Researchers from Belgium may have someanswers from the sugar free diet

Sugar free diet failed to stop diabetes

Many have switched to diet soft drinksand other sugar free products to help control blood sugar. While asugar free diet may stop a blood sugar spike there is something thatit cannot do and this is "heal the diabetic". A sugar free diethas never cured diabetes. Researchers have shown that most diabetesdiet do not reverse diabetes, in fact diabetes continues to get worston a sugar free diet. This is because the root cause of the illnessis never addressed and the body never heals. There is some good newsfrom Doctors in Oslo, they showed that a specialized diabetes dietdid reverse food chemical damage and did reverse type 2 diabetes.This was reported in Switzerland ,  

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