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It was a shameful decision to publicly name the Marine

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 12, 2013

By Ray Mugford

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The news about the Royal Marine convicted of murder whilst serving in Afghanistan, is nothing short of the old saying, The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!! Who in their right mind would, in the first instance, convict a serving Marine, or in fact any serviceman, when they have been subjected to the baiting, mind games, stress, exhaustion, and blatant disregard by successive governments, and THEN, have the mind-blowing stupidity to name the Marine?

This in my opinion is nothing to do with doing the right thing. This again is to denigrate the absolute individuality of these heroic individuals. Imagine the boost this is going to give these Afghan terrorists, it will increase their sense of importance, of their total disregard for what the troops are attempting in their country, and have the absolute opposite effect on our service personnel in that hell hole!! If we are talking about doing the right thing, can someone put up a valid argument why our smarmy ex-prime minister Blair has so far avoided any form of accountability for his actions, whilst sat behind a desk, in taking us into this and the Iraq wars!

The man, if that's what he is, must be looking over his shoulder constantly, but of course, he has personal protection for life, paid for by the families who have lost loved ones, and those who witness every day the pain and suffering their loved ones endure from their horrific injuries, sustained by his warmongering.

Peace Envoy, who's kidding who here!!?

The type of protection Blair is receiving should now be at the disposal of the named Marine's family, for sure as hell, as Lord Burnett told the BBC's Spotlight, they will be living in fear of their lives for an awful long time to come.

The right thing should have been a suspended sentence, as doled out to habitual criminals in this Brussels-controlled country we now live in.

Then he should have received anonymity, a new identity and been transported anywhere he chose, as in the case of so many criminals turned informants – the Jamie Bulger killers, Maxine Carr, etc.

One other thing I would like to mention, what a feather in their cap it would have been if all the media had at last shown some sense of decency, got together and refused to name the Marine, as well as the others.

Yes, it probably would have been revealed at some future date, but at least it would have shown the regard they held the Marine and his comrades in, and that they at least were not part of this terrible, terrible injustice!

The judiciary should hold their heads in shame!

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