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  • PICTURES: Restoration of Plymouth's Palace Theatre continues

    PICTURES: Restoration of...

    By WMNJBayley | Jun 03, 2015

    These pictures show how restoration work on the Palace Theatre is well underway, with scaffolding covering the rear of the iconic Plymouth building which has...

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  • PICTURES: Classic Kid's TV shows remade for the 21st century

    PICTURES: Classic Kid's TV...

    By WMNdellis | Jun 03, 2015

    With the news that the Teletubbies are making a return we take a look back at some of the best children's TV shows that have been remade...

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  • PICTURES: 50th anniversary of one of the most ingenuous cars of its day - the Renault 16

    PICTURES: 50th anniversary of...

    By WMNSSquires | Jun 02, 2015

    2015 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most ingenuous cars of its day - the Renault 16

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  • GT86 pays tribute to its heritage with classic Toyota liveries

    GT86 pays tribute to its...

    By WMNSSquires | Jun 02, 2015

    Many of the qualities that make the GT86 an exceptional modern sports car are rooted in generations of classic performance Toyotas, from its great handling to...

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  • PICTURES: Dramatic tanker fire in Holsworthy

    PICTURES: Dramatic tanker fire...

    By WMNJBayley | Jun 02, 2015

    This was the moment a fuel tanker caught fire in North Devon, causing homes to be evacuated.

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  • PICTURES: Love Island contestants

    PICTURES: Love Island...

    By WMNdellis | Jun 02, 2015

    The blonde who was pictured with Zayn Malik shortly before he quit One Direction is to appear on ITV2 dating series Love Island.

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  • PICTURES: Filming new Donald Crowhurst film in Teignmouth

    PICTURES: Filming new Donald...

    By WMNdellis | Jun 02, 2015

    Filming has begun in Teignmouth for the blockbuster film about the doomed yachtsman Donald Crowhurst.

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  • PICTURES: Bude - The Postcard Collection

    PICTURES: Bude - The Postcard...

    By WMNJBayley | Jun 02, 2015

    The images are taken from Bude: The Postcard Collection by Dawn G Robinson, which is published by Amerberley (amberley-books.com) at £14.99.

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  • PICTURES: Amazing unseen photos of film stars unearthed

    PICTURES: Amazing unseen...

    By WMNDavidWells | Jun 01, 2015

    Woody Allen, Ronnie Barker, Liza Minnelli, Peter Sellers, Diana Rigg, Jim Morrison, Tommy Cooper and Sir Michael Caine are among stars of the screen pictured in...

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  • PICTURES: 'Barn find' Bentley 'one of the finds of the decade'

    PICTURES: 'Barn find' Bentley...

    By WMNJBayley | Jun 01, 2015

    A family were stunned to discover a vintage Bentley gathering dust in their barn for 30 years is "one of the finds of the decade" and worth £300...

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