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    kennie_gajos  |  Thursday, July 24 2014, 11:20AM  |  Report
    The Best Vet I've Ever Been To!!

    Without a doubt the best vet I've ever taken an animal to! My 14-year-old dog has never had such a thorough MOT (or as many treats!) from a vet and now wants to go in every time we pass on our walks. Full of friendly and very knowledgeable staff, Beaumonts is absolutely brilliant. They have their own 24-hour emergency service (so helpful when the kitten had a bad fall and limped around the house for several hours afterwards) and a brilliant laboratory with close links to the leading external diagnostic laboratory at Exeter University. Their free Weight Clinic is award-winning and has helped me immeasurably in keeping an elderly labrador's weight down so that it doesn't affect her arthritis too much and their Health Wise club helps me keep the costs of owning two animals down by offering a range of free and discounted treatments. All in all, I'm so glad I chose Beaumonts when I moved to Exeter!

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