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  • Others should have faced this trial

    I HAVE no experience of being in the military, fighting in a war zone, but I have experience of being a civilian in a war zone, namely Plymouth for the duration...

  • Shallow and disrespectful

    I AM absolutely disgusted at the comments I read from Mr Jones about Tom Daley. I actually felt physically sick to think there are still people in the world...

  • So Tom is gay – get over it

    I AM sure The Herald will mourn the loss of John J Jones contribution to Your Say and some of the rubbish he writes. My grandson Blake goes to the Life Centre...

  • Who we love has no bearing on our worth

    IN response to John J Jones' letter (Appalled by articles on diver Tom Daley), I have to say I am horrified, yet somehow not surprised, that close-minded and...

  • Who are we to judge other people?

    I FEEL the need to reply to John Jones' letter in The Herald.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, how someone else chooses to live their life is...