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In my opinion: Too many of our wild places turned into 'attractions'

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 28, 2012

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As we are supposed to be an animal friendly nation I won't bother carping on about the disastrous changes made to the irreplaceable multi-habitat area of Marazion marsh. The RSPB having destroyed the integral structure of the marsh in favour of two speculative species that rarely occur. They have contributed nothing more than a singular reed bed system, oh and pathways to the manufactured viewing places for the benefit the twitchers across areas once invaluable to most of the wildlife that previously used to frequent the area.

Reference to the National Trust would be like flogging a dead horse. Bass Point on the Lizard used to be pretty spectacular. It is a site of outstanding natural beauty. and a site of special scientific interest. The fields are now all sterile wastes and the cancer proliferating on the end from what used to be a ten foot coastguard look out you would not believe.

More important again, it is now a requisite, "Portland Bird Observatory Web Site" to trap rare birds and move them to a position more agreeable to the twitchers!

You have to wonder how many gorillas would still be alive if David Attenborough hadn't made some of his money removing their fear of people, or who would be blamed for TB if – as was feasible – the badgers had been treated for the disease 50 years ago. Land's End might still have been spectacular if praise had not been heaped on many of its current marvels. Come on Mr Beer you talk a good nature talk, how about an occasional shout?

As a final gem of modern times this little beauty would never equate until recently due to finance. A concerned member of the public came to my house last Saturday obviously upset at seeing a fox in distress nearby. I went to the place and found a young dog fox clearly unwell but not showing any signs of major injury. I wrapped it in my coat and on arriving home put it quietly in front of the fire.

Having given it some water with a syringe and a pretty thorough check that was when life went right out of shape. Eleven phone calls to no avail later, which had included RSPCA, PDSA, Animal Hospitals and numerous vets, I arrived at a Falmouth number which after inviting me to press one for the prime minister, two for sky lab, three for the latest sex directory, etc. I came to one that was for wild animals. At last I mistakenly thought. A female answered, informing me she was the duty nurse. I started to explain the situation but was cut short to be told and I quote "We haven't got time to waste on wild animals!" My benign side forced the phone down before the fiery side took over. And I was going to pay for that!

I left the little dog fox quietly for some time, but after my young daughter had gone to bed decided humanity beckoned and he deserved some dignity and peace. He along with a few more long treasured beliefs was quietly buried next morning.

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