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In my opinion: There is only one way to boost Britain – cut immigration

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 17, 2012

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Cuts and still more cuts and yet the Coalition Government fails to mention the one cut that would make a huge difference to our struggling economy. I will push my neck out once more and suffer the taunts of racism rather than that which I interpret to be realism, and to plead once more to stop, or at the very least control, mass immigration into this country.

The EU policy of open borders, uncontrolled immigration and free movement throughout Europe is causing untold hardship to many countries within Europe. It must appear blatantly obvious to all, that we cannot sustain the overwhelming pressure put upon our benefits system our National Health Service, our housing, our jobs and employment. There are already far too many users and abusers of our welfare system.

We simply manage to cancel out any benefits we gain from cuts, by encouraging even more immigrants to come and join the gravy train.

It must be said that the majority of immigrants into the UK come from failed communist countries, who just a short time ago were only too willing to blame capitalism for all their ills.

I will say that all immigrants are not alike, and some do come here to contribute to our economy, respect our way of life and keep our laws – but not all, as we well know.

A young Polish girl recently interviewed on television stated: "we come here for a better life." This I understand, and she was a worker, but how long does she think we can hope to sustain this better life at the present rate of uncontrolled immigration?

Recent Coalition promises to strengthen border control and tighten up on immigration have not materialised, no doubt as we had all expected.

It is worth reminding everyone, of course, that strictly speaking we do not control our UK borders. They are controlled by unelected bureaucrats from across the Channel. We can therefore assume that we could cure a multitude of our problems by simply withdrawing from the EU.

A recent BBC2 documentary about Cuba explained very clearly the absolute misery of a communist state. Cuba now encourages businesses and capitalism to encourage growth.

It is reported that four million immigrants have settled here over just ten years, yet few are registered and have simply disappeared, becoming non-persons.

So this now encourages another problem,

Quite a few years ago I became an adult employee and as such was easily traceable for all taxes – in fact anything which demands that I pay. So ultimately I am in for keeps and unable to hide, unlike the non-persons.

The same goes for any crimes and of course I cannot claim I do not understand English.

All in all I consider we are getting a pretty raw deal for our generosity.

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