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In my opinion: There are numerous advantages to leaving the EU

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: February 13, 2014

By Tony Maskell, Newton Ferrers

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Vince Cable MP’s opinion piece (Feb 11) in support of the UK remaining in the EEC/EC/EU is misleading:

1. UKIP policies have no chance of enactment without that party forming a UK government, following a general election. This is true even if it tops the polls at all future EU elections, which blur the relationship between constituents and their MEPs who no longer represent constituency interests to the EU Parliament, but have become mere apologists for it, back at home.

2. If the UK were to quit the EU, it would be less of an exit and more of a restoration of our former friendlier relationship with the near Continent, when the EEC was a Common Market and less of an incremental step towards an increasingly aggressive and Slavic European empire. It is the EEC/EC/EU that has moved its ground since the UK narrowly agreed to accept membership of a free-trade zone, and not the British people. The fault lies with successive British governments which, unlike the Irish and the Danes who joined the EEC at the same time as the UK, have conspired to deny us any say at all. We should be grateful to UKIP for that opportunity.

3. There is little to lose if the UK lost its part in EU rule-making because it has only one 27th of the voting power of EU members most of whose top people are too close to top people who enjoyed additional privileges when they served totalitarian governments, of both the left and right, before assuming a thin veneer of democracy in order to gain access to the EU programme of wealth redistribution that has largely been wasted.

4. Mr Cable is scaremongering about a loss of trade with the EU because it would be a lot healthier for the world if we could rebuild trade relations with the Commonwealth and encourage its English-speaking citizens to work here for a while, instead of having to accept East Europeans, especially if the next tranche of new EU members included former Russian satellites or Middle East states like Turkey, Syria and the Lebanon.

5. If we got back our freedom, the surge in British spirit would more than make-up for losing foreign manufacturers, some of which are already on the point of moving away, anyway. For example, International Paints Ltd will soon be moving its headquarters to Singapore.

Our relationship with the EU should be like that of Canada with the USA.

Mr Cable, is clearly afraid of the banks and big business which never were on the side of British people, and should never have been bailed-out with taxpayers’ money. Like rebuilding after the war, life would have gone on.

We have the fourth or fifth biggest economy in the world, but we only have the 25th best GDP per head of population (not 35th as per my typo in a previous letter). That is a pretty big gap. What was it all spent on? It means that, for decades, Brits have been getting too thin a slice of our national cake and too much has gone on bankers’ bonuses.

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