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In my opinion: UKIP immigration policy is based on space not race

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: March 13, 2014

By Sir George Earle Bt, Crediton

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Until a few years ago the opinion column to the right of the Letters page was occupied every Monday by Kate Ironside with her relentless pro-EU anti-UKIP contributions. This provided excellent grist for the mills of UKIP letter writers, particularly as she was so well informed about Brussels and its doings and I for one respected her for that.

I am not sure if Mike Sagar-Fenton, who now occupies that space, has been hired for comic relief or serious political comment.

In his latest attempt to rubbish UKIP and what it stands for he makes some assertions with which I disagree.

He attacks UKIP for opposing unlimited immigration from EU countries and conflates that with a supposed hatred of all foreigners. The motive for UKIP on immigration policy has always been ‘space not race’ – housing and all our services and welfare in danger of being overwhelmed by unprecedentedly large numbers of immigrants all at once, plus the effect on the low-skilled jobs market.

He calls UKIP ‘whacky’ for standing in European Parliament elections. The fact that we do has given a large number of Britons the chance to express their views on our EU membership with their vote and has gained a platform for those views to be aired by UKIP MEPs here and in Brussels. The over generous salaries and expenses paid by Brussels to our MEPs (out of British taxpayers’ contributions), have enabled this Party to promote in this country our cause for withdrawal.

What Mr Sagar-Fenton earns money by making jokes about is simply our determination to regain democratic self rule for the UK from the bureaucrats in Brussels. He tries to ridicule us by suggesting that we blame the recent floods on ‘Johnny Foreigner’ as he puts it. Well, yes actually.

In the case of the appalling and wholly avoidable flooding of the Somerset Levels, this was very much the fault of the EU and its directives causing the stopping of dredging.

If he cares to look at Dr Richard North’s blogsite www.eureferendum.com/ he will find detailed chapter and verse from his researches on this.

He snipes at us for apparently being against Scotland leaving the UK. Yes, I am and would regret it if their referendum goes that way. After all, we are the UK Independence Party. But it is the Scots’ choice.

The only comment we tend to make is 'How can Scotland hope to be independent if it also wants to be in the EU and therefore in the euro?'

What Mr Sagar-Fenton appears not to understand is that there is a huge difference between sovereign nations willingly cooperating on the many things where it is necessary, as against them surrendering all their sovereignty and submitting themselves to complete government by foreign bureaucrats.

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  • Tony248  |  March 13 2014, 12:04PM

    Been said before. "Lebensraum", as it was called by the other politicians who thought the same in the 1930's. It's easy to poke ridicule at a few of the things the EU does. The fact is that it has been the greatest catalyst of lasting peace in Europe; and has in many other things dragged British governments, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century with a host of beneficial measures. Successive British governments always pay lip service to "freedom" but to actually protect it with laws? That has largely been the work of the much-maligned EU. No wonder our country has been dragged in front of the Human Rights Courts more than any other.

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