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In my opinion: Problem with politics is that it turns talent into trouble

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: November 15, 2012

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The trouble with politics is that it so often turns talented and basically honest people into hypocrites unable to see the wood for the trees.

When Tony Blair came on the scene with all his sweet talk, we all thought great changes for the better were about to happen in our democracy. So what happens? Power quickly corrupts and he declares war on Iraq, just to please the American warmongering military led by George Bush, and despite our protests we have to go along with it, causing dreadful damage to our international reputation and untold loss of life in the Middle East.

All these years down the line he still lauds it around the world under a cloak of religious fervour, never once apologetic for the damage he caused, and never once threatened with the imprisonment he (along with Bush) deserves for human rights abuses.

Then Gordon Brown, never voted in by anybody but who, after pretending to a mantle of financial competence, virtually gives away all our gold reserves, destroys the pension systems of the whole country, and allows the banks free reign to exploit every loophole to their own advantage and to the detriment of any regulatory control. And then assumes a prime ministership that, however nice a guy he may be, proves his disastrous incompetence.

And when we see through all that and finally chuck him out, we get by default the debonair and smooth-talking David Cameron who, despite his upper-class background and Etonian training, brings a hypocrisy to leadership that is no better than those recent predecessors.

When in opposition he promised the country a referendum on Europe as soon as he got into power. He reneged on this as Blair and Brown had done before. He now promises one after the next election, but who would believe that for a minute? You can cry Wolf only so many times. Despite the folly of our intrusions into Iraq and Afghanistan, he refuses to shorten the debacle and call the troops home. Well, not until 2014 anyway. And of course, it's not his family that are dying on the front line.

And in your pages of November 5, we learn that he's now going to the Middle East to sell hundreds of Typhoon war jets to countries that shouldn't be trusted with a penknife. If this action alone isn't a war crime I don't know what is, and hiding behind a cloak of the arms trade being essential to our profitability as a country is hypocrisy. Never heard of arms into ploughshares, David? It should be the business of any leader deserving of the name to give up warmongering and shift our engineering talents from a concentration on destroying life to one of enhancing it. Never mind, Obama has just been re-elected, which has drawn us back from the brink of a third world war. Be grateful for small mercies.

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