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In my opinion: Police commissioner should swear allegiance to crown

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: October 25, 2012

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The forthcoming role of Police and Crime Commissioner election is unlawful.

You will know that successful candidates will be required to swear an oath of office and impartiality. This oath includes promises to "serve the people" and to be "held to account by the public" but it conspicuously and importantly excludes allegiance or service to Her Majesty, a major part of the oath sworn by the police whom commissioners will oversee.

Replacing police authorities whose representatives are local authority nominations, independent members and magistrates, the intent to politicise overarching control of the police is clear. Party political considerations would inevitably taint impartiality and this will be particularly true due to our illegal (thus non-existent) membership of the European Union. Our Constitutional Law forbids any foreign interference whatsoever. We, the voting public, fully expect our law enforcement agencies to protect us from such interference so it cannot be permissible for commissioners to have loyalty to two conflicting masters – the public at large and the Prime Minister who effectively serves a foreign power. Even though Privy Councillors currently serve two sovereigns, commissioners cannot believably serve these two conflicting masters.

Absence of allegiance to the Queen would doubtless prove to mean serving political obligation. As the police serve Her Majesty, it is untenable that they be accountable through commissioners to the Prime Minister who has no lawful power over them. Allegiance to the Crown is paramount in any service to the nation. The Monarch is the nation, Parliament is not. Parliament is not sovereign nor is it lawfully empowered to rule the nation. Parliament serves the Crown so it cannot control the Crown's police.

The very real danger is that in commissioners being short-term political appointees, their individual public accountability will be very short while their power will inevitably come under long-term control of the Prime Minister. Why else are candidates generally drawn from the political parties ? It will be entirely unacceptable therefore, that commissioners could bring the Police Service under the control of the Prime Minister. This puts the security of the public at serious risk through political interference. Moreover, such a move will place the Prime Minister above the Monarch which is also outright High Treason.

In law, the police can never answer to the Prime Minister. They answer to the Queen and her subjects, who are above Parliament. Despite claimed impartiality, political appointment of commissioners will ensure control of the police according to Party political diktat. The principle of Police and Crime Commissioners is nothing but a cynical attempt by Government to further control the public and to consolidate its power over the police.

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