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In my opinion: Plebs like me are still going to have to eat cold pasties

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: October 04, 2012

Chancellor George Osborne tucks into a Cornish pasty in St Austell

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It appears that it is the Government's intention to force the plebs, and I include myself, who had the audacity to challenge the proposed introduction of the pasty tax when it was first suggested, to eat humble pie – cold pasties to be exact.

From October 1 buying a hot pasty has become a lottery.

We were led to believe the government had done a U-turn on George Osborne's proposed intention to slap/levy a 20% VAT charge on pasties kept warm after coming out of the oven. Not so I'm afraid.

Bakeries are having to turn off these 'heating' cabinets otherwise a VAT charge will be levied on anything that comes out of it.

Whether you get a hot pasty or not will depend on what time you walk into the bakery or the number of people who went in before you, etc. Pot luck.

Large bakeries with several ovens that can bake smaller batches of pasties at regular intervals thus ensuring a regular supply of hot pasties might survive this blatantly vindictive move but they'll be battling come the tourist season when our streets are thronging with visitors. Smaller bakeries, I fear, will go to the wall which will result in more empty shops in our already ghostly towns, more unemployed, more unemployment benefit outlay, less tax revenue for the government.

Nice one George.

Let's face it, the vast majority of people who walk into a bakery for a pasty want a hot or at least warm pasty. Pensioners in particular are going to suffer as a result of this underhand imposition especially with winter approaching – for many it might be the only hot food they get during the day. Please don't tell me they can always heat their pasties when they get home.

It has been well documented that many can't afford to heat their homes as it is.

And workmen working outdoors? They have no means of heating a cold pasty. And the affect on our tourist industry – our bread and butter?

The boot's well and truly gone in hasn't it? The pasty is Cornwall's trademark.

I can't picture visitors sitting on our piers, seafronts, eating a cold pasty and being content, I really can't.

I can see a lot of contented seagulls. The seagulls return every year. The tourists won't if we can't cater for their needs and I don't think a cold pasty is one of them.

This Government has form. We really should have seen it coming.

'Cold pasties, you curs!'

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