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In my opinion: MP was wrong to leave her constituents for the jungle

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: November 30, 2012

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Not for the first time Martin Bell and I don't agree on certain subjects.

The prolific contributor from Port Isaac takes me to task over my condemnation of Tory MP Nadine Dorries forsaking her Parliamentary duties to take part in that fatuous TV programme: "I'm a celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" Why any adult with an iota of common sense would want to fly off to Australia and take part in such nonsense is beyond me.

Now Mr Bell thinks that Ms Dorries is in the wrong party and presumably because of her background as the daughter of a Liverpool bus driver she would have a better niche with Labour. Whether Tory or Labour I still think that an MP should be looking after the wellbeing of their constituents rather than hoping to make oodles of cash prancing around Down Under.

Mr Bell also thinks that Ms Dorries – whom he obviously admires – has nothing in common with the Tory Party which he says is made up mainly of MPs who are predominantly male drawn from 7% of the population who were educated in fee paying schools, and worked mainly as lawyers, bankers or public relation's consultants. Do I smell a whiff of envy in Mr Bell's summary of the Tory Party?

He also mentions in his lengthy diatribe that Ms Dorries described her colleagues as posh boys who don't know the price of milk. But then don't think that many "non-posh" boys know the price of milk. Some matters in most households are left in the hands of the wife or the female partner. I am not at all posh but I don't know the price of milk – or come to think of it of bread either – I just buy such commodities as I need them!

Before Mr Bell accuses me of being a Tory I can assure him I am not a member of any of the three major parties. I don't believe much in anything a politician tells me...and that comes from a great number of years reporting on the spoutings of every political party...no matter what their hue

But I see nothing wrong in men (or women) who have been bright enough to be well educated serving this country as an MP. Coming off a council estate and knowing the price of a pint of milk doesn't necessarily make you a good MP..nor does being a woman. Gender should not come into it any way shape or form.

So I repeat, no MP should leave their constituents without a voice in Parliament and scarper off to Australia for their own interests.

by Colin Richey, Tiverton.

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