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In my opinion: Is Countryside Alliance trying to influence police policy?

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: January 25, 2013

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Following the way that the Countryside Alliance organised a vendetta against the RSPCA for the successful prosecution of the Heythrop hunt, both the media and a collection of pro-hunt Conservative MPs are trying to bully the Charity Commission to take action against the country's number one animal protection organisation. No one, it seems, is allowed to protect wildlife if the hunters have their sights on it – then it will be called 'wildlife management'.

They were all shouting from the rooftops that the RSPCA was politically motivated in its legal action. But this must now be viewed as the Countryside Alliance's most hypocritical action as that organisation has now arranged a meeting on rural crime in the South West to be attended by new politicians who are now entering the police force. All three main parties put up candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner posts. Many regions opted for the independent candidate, but alas not Devon & Cornwall, the Conservative candidate won.

Perhaps the Alliance are worried that hunting may be looked at more carefully and so they may wish to bend the ear of the Commissioner to not commit any resources for policing illegal hunting. After all they did advise their members that for Devon and Cornwall, Tony Hogg was their first choice for Police and Crime Commissioner. Perhaps they view this meeting as an opportunity to receive some payback for supporting Mr Hogg during the election.

Interestingly the meeting will take place on Thursday 21 February at 2pm at the National Farmers' Union (NFU) headquarters, Pynes Hill in Exeter. Perhaps the badger cull may also be on the agenda as following the postponement of last year's badger cull, as new locations are being considered and Cornwall may be a better bet with so many pro-cull farmers supporting the badger cull rather than vaccinate both cattle and badgers.

This would be a disaster for the holiday and leisure industry as the moors and countryside would be filled by farmers and shooters out with high velocity rifles, killing badgers on warm summer evenings, in a vain attempt to halt bTB in cattle, but then would that worry the hunters and cattle barons?

However if you are interested in attending, please contact Countryside Alliance South West Regional Director, Alison Hawes.

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  • 2TheBeehive  |  March 03 2013, 2:09PM

    "No one, it seems, is allowed to protect wildlife if the hunters have their sights on it – then it will be called 'wildlife management'" or put another way "No one, it seems, is allowed to protect mammals be they farmed or wild, if the AR activists have their sights on it - then it will be called "for the good of wildlife"!!!!??? What a bigoted report.

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  • rogerwatling  |  March 02 2013, 11:26PM

    The RSPCA did the right thing, there is no doubt about that. Even if the new commissioner is a Con, he/she is there to see that the law is upheld. If not, this person is there be accountable. Obviously the CA want to try and control things but their outdated perversions of hunting will go the way of bear baiting and cock fighting, I have no doubt of this.

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  • Kindanimal  |  February 11 2013, 8:46AM

    Pip13 - You live in a fool's world of lies and propaganda I'm afraid. Numerous polls have been taken for years before and since the Hunting Act was brought in, and the majority of people in this country have always been strongly against hunting of any description - and that includes 72% of us country folk. The Act may need some minor adjustments by removing all the exemptions and closing the loopholes, but the main problem is that the majority of hunts are hunting illegally and they are not being policed adequately. Now that the League Against Cruel Sports has upped its game by employing more monitors, and the RSPCA have become more active against the law-breakers, you can rest assured even more prosecutions will be brought. This has got nothing whatsoever to do with politics - you people are breaking the law by persecuting animals and the fight against cruelty was exactly why these 2 bodies were formed many years ago.Why you so arrogantly believe the law does not apply to you and your cronies, is quite beyond belief and incredibly arrogant. You are far worse than a common criminal - at least they know that they are breaking the law and accept their punishment when caught, but you people just believe it doesn't apply to you. Seems to me you have lost all sense of reality to believe that you are exempt from the laws of this country. Who do you think you are for heaven's sake? The fight against animal cruelty will never stop and the perpetrators will be brought to justice one way or another.

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  • Pip13  |  January 29 2013, 8:28PM

    As an active member of the Countryside Alliance (CA), which incidentally now boasts four times as many members as the RSPCA and many more times that than the League Against Cruel Sports I would be very disappointed if the Alliance wasn't making every effort to ensure that the police are kept well away from the absurdities of the Hunting Act. Something former PM Tony Blair describes as the legislation he most regrets and which has been the subject of derision and scorn from Judges, Senior Civil Servants and Parliamentarians on all sides (note the CA's includes a senior Labour MP and Labour Peer). As much as many activists would like to normalise this shocking piece of animal rights nonsense, it cannot and it will not stand. In part because there are so many committed Hunt supporters who are determined to overturn it, but also because its a complete dogs breakfast in legislative and judicial terms.

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  • Jake_Blake  |  January 25 2013, 3:40PM

    Who would have thought that an alliance of people from the countryside would have ideas on how to tackle countryside crime? On illegal fox hunting probably not but, in case you haven't noticed there are plenty of other crimes which are taking their toll on the countryside; [] Machinery theft [] Illegal traveller sites [] Fly grazing [] Fly tipping [] Arson

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  • grannyonline1  |  January 25 2013, 3:30PM

    I hope the full minutes of that meeting will be available for public veiw.

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  • fischadler  |  January 25 2013, 3:21PM

    The Countryside Alliance should be renamed the axis of evil. They need to be put into the dustbin of history for good. RSPCA have my full backing in prosecuting hunts who break the law.

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  • LizzieLean  |  January 25 2013, 10:02AM

    it is illegal to hunt with dogs and here it is definitely still going on and there is no Saboteur group to monitor this so they get away with it. Of course they are trying to discredit the R.S.P.C.A as this organisation is now taking ANIMAL ABUSERS THAT HUNT WITH DOGS TO COURT. I agree with Kindanimal totally.

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  • Kindanimal  |  January 25 2013, 9:36AM

    Not only do I believe that the Countryside Alliance are trying to influence the police, but it has become very clear that it is also trying to influence the government and destroy the RSPCA. Simon Hart MP, the last chief executive officer of the Countryside Alliance has pushed for, and successfully achieved a debate in the House of Commons on 29th January, questioning the power of the RSPCA to prosecute in cases of animal abuse following the recent successful prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt. These desperate, self-centred people are aiming to destroy the biggest and most effective world-wide charity that has fought for all our precious animals, domestic pets, farm animals and our wildlife, since 1824 and successfully brought 98% of prosecutions against the abusers. In their arrogance, these wicked, unlawful abusers believe that they should be allowed to hunt against the rule of law with impunity. It is quite outrageous and is even more of a disgrace that this self-seeking incompetent government intend to spend valuable Parliamentary time in an attempt to destroy the powers of the RSPCA simply for the benefit of the Countryside Alliance and ther hunters.

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  • JeremyBadger  |  January 24 2013, 7:40PM

    Is Countryside Alliance trying to influence police policy? YES, YES, YES, YES.....as it always has done, with the support of the Conservative Party!

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