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In my opinion: Compelling case against Britain remaining in the EU

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: February 26, 2013

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I try to follow the relative arguments for and against our membership of the European Union. The opposition seems to have an unlimited supply of ammunition. Initially membership was imposed on the nation under false pretences. The then Prime Minister deliberately concealed the fact that the ultimate aim was a United States of Europe. He gave a solemn undertaking that there would be no loss of sovereignty. Sovereignty is defined as "supreme power and the right to exercise it". Successive premiers have systematically handed over to the EU total control over the government of the United Kingdom. Our borders have been flung open with full rights to live and work here to 27 European nations. Regulations and directives have cascaded forth from the EU palaces and been pounced upon by our civil service and passed into law. Our entire justice system has been subverted by an EU court. Every penny of our vast subscription has to be borrowed. Foreign boats are scouring all sea life from our fishing grounds. The Common Agricultural Policy is supporting grossly inefficient continental farmers at the expense of our own industry.

There are some 650 MPs in Westminster, served by half a million civil servants. Nobody has explained why we need another 700 MEPs and 30,000 civil servants in Brussels. Nor has anyone ever explained why the EU needs palaces in Strasbourg and Luxembourg as well as the monstrous edifice in Brussels. Their systems are totally corrupt; they will trade anything in exchange for a few votes.

Our own politicians have sat on their hands for 40 years. They have flatly refused to block any moves by the EU, however detrimental to this country these moves may be. They have produced academic studies to show that unlimited immigration does not affect local communities, despite whole towns being turned into foreign ghettos. Their estimates of the number of Polish citizens coming here to live and work was too low by a factor of ten. They have solved this problem for the coming invasion from eastern Europe by making no estimates of numbers, even though there is a potential total of around 40,000,000. At the behest of the EU, ministers have refused to ban the import of meat and meat products, even though it is now obvious that our supermarkets have been flooded with contaminated processed food for an unknown period of time.

The only arguments the pro-EU lobby seem to have is that trading with Europe would be difficult outside the union and Cornwall would lose its EU funding. Almost every European country has a positive balance of payments in trading with the UK – a situation they would not want to jeopardise – and Cornwall could be better funded by direct grant. There would be no middleman's cut.

Our own Parliament has been hell-bent on the destruction of this country as the home of the English.

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