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Top "hard to move" items when moving home

By Bishops  |  Posted: December 09, 2013

Bishops Removal in paignton, Devon Call 01803 522542

Bishops Removal in paignton, Devon Call 01803 522542

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With the current economy people are trying to save money

wherever they can, however when moving home  it is essential to think about using a professional

removal company rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Craig from Bishops Removals in Paignton, Devon said "we

often get calls from people last minute looking for a removal company to help

with their move who have tried to save money by moving themselves but realise some

items are difficult to move or are too heavy and bulky to risk trying to move

them without professional help"

Here we have put together a list of the top items people

struggle with when relocating or moving house.

The Sofa:

Sofa's can be heavy and bulky and many people do not

consider access to the new property when moving. Moving a sofa required

strength and careful planning on how to get it into the house without damaging

the sofa or walls and door frames in your new property. Craig from Bishops

Removals said "we had a lady call us who was moving from an old farmhouse to a

new build property that day and had realised that the wide doorways and space

they had in their farmhouse which made it easy to have their large sofa

delivered was going to be an issue as their new home was smaller and although

they had measured the living room to ensure the sofa was going to fit, had not considered

that the sofa may not fit through the doorways and smaller hallway of their new

house. In the end we had to wrap the sofa and manoeuvre it through the next

door garden, over the fence and through the patio doors."


With TVs getting larger, heavier and more delicate and

storage space limited, many people do not keep the packaging their TVs came in

and this can be a problem when you come to move house.  Wrapping your TV in blankets or duvet's and

laying it flat when moving may seem careful but with delicate screens and

modern technology, the slightest bang or knock may damage your TV, and many

people do not realise that insurance will not cover you for damage to your TV

if it is being moved without the proper protection or equipment.


Many websites advise that fish often do not survive the

trauma of being moved and advise that it may be kinder to give the fish away or

sell them to someone close by. The long car journey, temperature change of the

water and sloshing around all add to very stressed fish. Ask your local removal

company for advise if you are considering moving your aquarium.


Grand pianos can weigh around 1200 pounds and are odd shaped

which present a huge problem when moving them. Many people will need to hire a

piano moving service as they may need to use a crane to move this large, heavy

and bulky item.


We all have things in our home such as art, pictures and

sculptures that may be either very high in value whether it be worth money, or

just sentimental value, these items can be delicate and large which makes them

difficult to move without damaging or breaking them. There are many sites which

offer advice on the best way to pack and move these items however hiring a

professional means the stress and hard work is dealt with for you, and a

professional removal company will be insured in the case of any damage or



Waterbeds are not only heavy but can be expensive and you

would not want to damage an item like this trying to move it yourself. There

are many videos and websites online offering advice and instructions on

draining and moving your waterbed however many also recommend asking a

professional to do this for you. Call your local removal company and ask for


Large or American style fridge freezers:

Many people do not realise that fridge freezers and large

fridges may need to be kept upright at all times to avoid damaging them.  The cooling machinery on the inside of a

fridge is very fragile and also tilting it can cause it to leak oil. These

items can be very expensive and the exterior is very delicate, if not moved in

the correct manner you can damage not only the internal workings, but also the

exterior and end up with nasty dents and scratches which can be expensive to

replace or repair.

Antique Furniture:

Moving antiques can bring many challenges. You may have

purchased antiques which you have for an investment and damaging them even

slightly can greatly reduce their value, or inherited pieces of furniture or

art that hold great sentimental value but can be damaged very easily. Modern

furniture has the advantage of being able to be taken apart and flat packed

which antiques do not, this can pose a problem when moving them as heavy or

bulky items can not only be damaged very easily, but can also cause damage to

walls and door frames when being moved. A professional removal company will be

used to moving items like this and can ensure your valuable or precious

antiques are well cared for and moved with the utmost care and attention.

If you are moving home in Devon and are worried about any

items within your property please give us a call for some advice and a free no

obligation quote on 01803 522542 or visit our website and complete our online

enquiry form. 

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