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“Voters' apathy!! A recent letter in the WMN from Lord Clifford, who seems to reside in Chudleigh, asks for compulsory voting to avoid, as he describes it, those who make a mockery of democracy because they don't vote. Not a mockery of democracy,it is a mockery of the lack of credible persons on the electoral list. I am not lazy because I don't vote, in fact the 67% of us who do not vote are exercising our privilege, we stay away in order to show our disdain for the government of the day and the alternatives offered. Compulsory voting does not work in Australia or anywhere else, we live in a free society and as long as we do us 'lazy' non voters will choose who we vote, or do not vote for. Make me vote and I will simply spoil the paper should there be no person who I believe would represent me and my beliefs. Please do not describe me as slovenly, as for people surviving on benefits, what would you know about that, I challenge you to live in a small flat, on a level offered by benefits, in an area far removed from your privileged ivory tower in Chudleigh. As for the work those on benefit should take up, where is it?”

By parkingpain Posted: December 03, 2012

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  • iseveryidused  |  December 12 2012, 9:33AM

    Well said. I too have a similar opinion. But in addition, I don't have a sufficiently adequate understanding of how the system works. I certainly wasn't taught how the political system works whilst at school. I do remember my first vote when I "came of age", I didn't have a clue when I got into the booth and looked at the little slip of paper. I was staring at a list of names I didn't recognise. Not, Conservative, Labour, Liberal or others, that I was expecting! For me, a vote, should be an informed one. Or have a "None of the above" option!


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