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“Getting Rid of Road Tax….

Sadly the headline relates to the proposal to remove the round piece of paper in the windscreen and not the prohibitively expensive annual fee. Government ministers have said that scrapping the discs would help save money and streamline services.
A Department for Transport consultation suggested the old-fashioned discs could become digitised. As the Police can currently access the DVLA computers instantly to tell if a car is taxed it's felt that the existing piece of paper is redundant. Meaning there is no longer any point displaying the disc on your windscreen.
The plans would also see the end of letter reminders with these being replaced with emails and text messages. In addition to these tax changes, the paper element of the driving licence is also due to be axed by 2015.
There are approximately 36 million tax disks on the UKs roads and have been a permanent fixture for almost a century, leading motoring groups to describe the changes as "the end of an era". I do wonder how the odd classic car owner with no computer access will manage to tax their beloved Triumph stag but, personally, I think these measures are a good idea. In fact, whilst they're at it, why not abolish the ridiculous new MOT certificate which looks like a schoolchild has printed it out on a white sheet of A4!

Source: Glassnet 12/2013”

By Denbury Diesels Posted: January 19, 2013

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