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I have diabetes and my feet hurt: What this means and what you should do

By HealthAlert  |  Posted: November 25, 2012

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It is a common complaint, I have diabetes and my feet hurt. Manyare not aware of the damage that is done when one has high blood sugar. Thisillness is the most destructive disease of our modern times. The number ofdiabetics worldwide has now reached over 300 million. "I have diabetes and my feethurt" was ranked the most popular foot problem in the United States and England last year. High blood sugaris extremely scary; it must be taken very seriously.

High Blood sugar shortens the lifespan

Doctors in Switzerlandshowed last year that high blood sugar is a poison to the cells of the body. Researchersshowed diabetes causes you to age faster and die sooner. When blood sugar isnormal it is a benefit to the human body. When the body is out of balance therecomes serious problems. High blood sugar is a poison to the cells of the body;it causes the lost of the kidneys and liver. There is not one organ of the bodythat is not destroyed by high glucose. "I have diabetes and my feet hurt" is asign that the small vessels in the feet are being seriously damaged. This isextremely important and time is critical.


Pain as a warning sign


None of us like pain but pain is how the body warns us thatsomething is wrong. Diabetic foot pain is a signal that the small vessels,tissues, and nerves are being affected. Do not live with the pain, it is awarning that time is running out. There are no medications that stop diabetesfoot pain, this is an unfortunate fact but you can do something. The best thingto do is get the poison high sugar level down. Most people lose the footbecause they wait too long to remove the poison high glucose.  Do not wait around.  

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