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Three more 'deliberate' fires in Torquay

By This is SouthDevon  |  Posted: December 29, 2012

  • Picture shows a car on fire from a previous arson incident in Torquay

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TORQUAY firefighters were called out three times in less than an hour on Friday morning to deliberate fires in the same small area of the town.

They are the latest in a spate of arson attacks to hit the town in recent months.

DC Nikki Zulhayir told BBC News: "They will all be treated in the same manner.

"The investigation is ongoing."

View Torquay car fires 2012 in a larger map

This map shows the locations of some recent deliberate fires in Torquay, including the latest. Click on the icons to read the articles.

The first call came at 2.55am to Braddons Hill Road West in the town centre, where two crews dealt with a shed on fire after receiving a number of calls from members of the public.

A fire service spokesman said the fire had been started deliberately and had caused severe damage to the shed.

The spokesman said that investigations were carried out due to a number of deliberate fires in this area and police were also making inquiries.

A quarter of an hour later, while the original crews were still dealing with the shed fire in the town centre, a further fire appliance from Torquay was sent to nearby Ellacombe Church Road after more calls from the public saying a vehicle was on fire.

The car was well alight and again a service spokesman said the blaze had been started deliberately.

Half an hour later, at 3.40pm, more calls came in of a building on fire in Windsor Road, Ellacombe.

The original Torquay crews had just finished dealing with the Braddons Hill shed fire, and one was sent along with colleagues from Paignton.

The fire in the semi-detached store building, around four metres by eight metres, was put out by firefighters using four sets of breathing apparatus, two hosereel jets, one covering jet and a thermal image camera.

The matter was agsin left in the hands of the police.

The fire service spokesman said: "This was again confirmed as deliberate ignition and therefore possibly linked to the two previous other fires."

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  • milkman_14  |  January 05 2013, 10:20PM

    Devon and Cornwall Police and the CPS only have themselves to blame for people having no faith in them, they just don't seem interested in investigating crime anymore i was told y a SGT on the phone today "sir we are just as frustrated as you are that we cant investigate this crime as we have no evidence nor do we have any suspects" same ******** different day ...

  • HughGarsse  |  January 02 2013, 12:03PM

    The Herald need to update their map. They have reported at least 3 fires started on Ash Hill Road that don't appear. Remember the Language Centre being set on fire. Not like the Herald to give us only half the story is it!

  • HughGarsse  |  January 01 2013, 3:02PM

    The inactivity of the Police and the uselessness of the CPS and local councillors should not be used as a call for vigilantes to take action (as nobody here has) but should be used as a call for a change in the ethos of the way 'the public sector' deal with crime and criminals. For too long they have hidden behind the shield of liberalism, which has really been a do nothing approach. I don't want to see vigilantes on every street corner and I don't want to see the Police on every street corner. BUT I certainly don't want to see criminals on every street corner (Castle Circus). We must take action where action is needed. But the ballot box should be the first port of call in any democracy. WAKE UP THE LOCAL COUNCIL - THIS IS HAPPENING ON YOUR DOORSTEP.

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  • Dave_David  |  December 31 2012, 7:33PM

    HughGarsse....like the new name....how many different ones is that this year.

  • Dave_David  |  December 31 2012, 7:32PM

    HughGarsse....the man I am talking about is local, born in Paignton and now lives in Torquay. Let me tell you a story about these two brothers, they used to live in their vans on a beach in Torquay and then where re-housed when they lived in the Leonard Stocks Centre, they were re-housed in Torquay, one in the centre of Torquay and the other a mile away. After a while the one brother who lived in the town centre moved into the brothers flat, which is next door to me. As brothers do they fell out, had a fist fight and the brother moved back to his flat. One of our next door neighbours, who lives in the same block as the brother had the tyres on her car slashed on three occasions, she was fed up with this and installed CCTV, on the recommendation of the police. The brother who visits was then caught on CCTV and I 'eye-witnessed' the tyre slashing. The brother was arrested by the police at his flat in Torquay town centre, taken to court and bailed to appear two months later, four days before he was due to appear we received a call from the police that the case was being dropped because of lack of evidence. We contacted Adrian Sanders who in turn contacted Keir Starmer, head of the CPS, he replied by letter to Adrian Sanders, the letter left us wanting,he could not spell the name of the aggrieved and the facts were wrong. So I have little trust in the CPS. A few weeks ago the brother moved back in with his brother, guess what, he was again caught on CCTV setting fire to the same lady's car, the one who had her tyres slashed. The images on CCTV are perfectly clear, a fireman who was watching the CCTV footage, with a policeman, spotted the brother lighting the fire, the policeman missed it, he must have been tired. He was again arrested at 3am in his flat in Torquay town centre, he was taken to the police station and charged with arson and let out on bail, though some misunderstanding within the police he was not given any restrictions, he appeared in court that day and still no restrictions were put on him, so he comes back to next door and has been there ever since. The detective constable wanted him kept in custody, but the bail sergeant let him have his freedom The lady has had enough and has moved out to a new address, she has not seen the police since except for giving a statement. The lady is out of pocket to at least £500, tyres and CCTV equipment,she has seen Adrian Sanders, we still await the outcome. We have lost £20,000 on our property, we also wish to move. Meanwhile the two brothers enjoy their freedom, paid by us, have two vans they use paid by us, the toilet in their flat is broken, so they collect all their bodily waste up and put it in a public bin on the main road, talk about people not clearing their dog poo up here we have two humans who put it in a bin next to a bus stop and opposite a school. These brothers live of us, their monthly/weekly payments from the job centre, always out in the vans, do not work, it just makes me sick. I was born and bred in Torquay, went away for 30 years, like now no jobs in the bay when I was a kid, and came back to enjoy my retirement........WHAT A MISTAKE I MADE. No faith in the police, like many others have no faith, no faith in any of our councillors and the town centre and surrounding areas are now vile. I ONCE LOVED TORQUAY AND USED TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HOW GREAT A PLACE IT WAS.....NOT NOW.

    |   7
  • Corsham999  |  December 31 2012, 5:45PM

    realityzone, correct the CPS is no longer "fit for purpose".So what is the next step vigilantes? Something needs to be done about this and fast it could put tourist off coming to the Bay area and that worrying because it would mean a loss of revenue. If the system know who it is doing this lock them up if it does not catch them quick and then lock them up.

    |   1
  • HughGarsse  |  December 31 2012, 1:32AM

    The criminals are not only out in the community, but they have been brought here TO YOUR COMMUNITY. Far too many criminals and sex offenders have been resettled in Torquay AT THE TAX PAYERS EXPENSE. We pay for them to come here, we pay for their accommodation, we pay for their benefits AND WE PAY THE PRICE.

    |   7
  • realityzone  |  December 29 2012, 3:54PM

    Dave_David, what you are pointing up is that the criminal justice system in the UK is no longer fit for purpose, and I entirely agree. These incidents illustrate that there is no longer a "fear of the consequences" for many recidivist criminals. The police are caught up in this and it must be quite frustrating for them . The criminals remain out in the community and the rest of us are expected to develop a siege mentality to keep our property safe but that is very difficult for people who have to leave their cars on a public road.

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  • Dave_David  |  December 28 2012, 10:43PM

    I know of one who was caught in the act on CCTV 6 weeks ago, he is on bail until January, no bail restrictions imposed, he still lodges next to the person who's car was set on fire.. he was caught twice before on CCTV but was not prosecuted because the CPS had not the balls to proceed. Makes you wonder why we have the police and the CPS?

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  • lhasa27  |  December 28 2012, 3:08PM

    I know of someone who's car was torched by a stranger last year. He was caught and released on bail. WHY??

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