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We may not be able to self support in the near future

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 26, 2012

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We are only halfway through the present Parliament, but already the leaders are jockeying for the next election, when they should be concentrating on clearing the mess left by the previous administration.

The evidence for this statement is coming through clearly here in the West Country newspapers, where the organ grinders are sending out their little assistants to spout the party propaganda.

A classic example of this are two recent letters by Theo Hopkins in the Western Morning News, November 26 and December 12, the same message but in a slightly different format; political sound bites but no substance.

He says that the UK has not been self-sufficient in food since Victorian times – not true.

During the Second World War this nation survived on the productivity of our farmers and the skills of our fishermen.

The only supplies we had from Europe at that time were provided on a regular basis by the Luftwaffe, and I can assure Theo that it wasn't food parcels being dropped.

It was high explosive and incendiary bombs.

There were also generous gifts of tin fish (torpedoes) delivered by U boats in order to sink our ships.

During this period our farmers, with the help of the newly formed Women's Land Army, supplied our milk, meat, grain and vegetables. The fishermen harvested the sea at every opportunity.

Virtually no food was imported because the import priority was the provision of military equipment and above all – oil.

All of this had to be transported across the North Atlantic.

Thus we were forced into supporting ourselves as far as food was concerned.

Our convoys paid a terrible price because of atrocious weather and the ever present wolf packs (U boats).

Theo is correct in one respect.

We may not be able to self-support in the future because:

1. Our population in WW2 was approximately 45,000,000, but it is now in excess of 60,000,000 and rising by the day.

2. Our farmers and fishermen are under severe and idiotic directives coming out of Brussels.

The reasons for Theo's communications became clear in his second letter.

It was intended to ridicule UKIP, that political beast causing severe consternation among the three major parties.

He is perfectly entitled to put forward his point of view, but it is always best to adhere to the facts on any issue.

Having digested his letters, I pressed a few buttons on my 1931 computer (brain) and here is what came up:

During World War Two we were a United Kingdom, but we were Independent of Europe and we had what was essentially a one-party state because political differences were put aside for the duration. Eureka!

What do we come up with?

UKIP for the period which Churchill subsequently described as our finest hour.

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