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Wind Turbines: An Opportunity For Landowners

By Capture Energy  |  Posted: February 20, 2013

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Is it worth installing a wind turbine to generate electricity?

Alistair Buchanan, the chiefexecutive of the energy industry regulator Ofgem,yesterday warned of the impending crisis in the energy industry over the nextfew years.  It is predicted by Ofgem that the capacity could fall in Aprilby 10% as older coal fired power stations close.  As a result it isunderstood that the UK will have to import more expensive gas in order to plugthe deficit in energy production.  In an interview with the BBC, Mr Buchanan said the UK "would be very tight on powerstation capacity in three to five years' time"

As consumer's, what is ourresponse.  Well we can do two things:

1. Use less energy.  For example by insulating our homes better, orswitching to lower energy light bulbs.

2. Generate our ownenergy.  Wind Turbine Feed in Tariffs provide an excellent opportunity forlandowners, businesses and farmers to invest in wind turbines.  The UKneeds to increase its own production of energy and government incentive schemesare in place to make the installation of a wind turbine and worthwhileinvestment.

Managing director, NathanBillings, from the wind turbine installer Capture Energy, based in the South West,said "As conventional fossil fuel power stations are decommissioned due toobligations to meet emissions targets renewable energy technologies must bebrought on stream to meet our energy needs.  A big hurdle to thedevelopment of wind turbines is gaining planning consent.  Capture Energyspecialise in providing wind turbines from 5kW to 500kW for landowners,businesses and farmers.  A 100kW turbine for example would provide enoughelectricity for approximately 65 homes and an income of around£75,000/year.  We have a specialist highly experienced local planning teamto help gain planning approval for your wind turbine project."

Contact Capture Energy on 01209716 861  www.capture-energy.co.uk

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