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Wave hello to elegance and a hint of the great ocean

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: September 15, 2012

Wave curtain headings impose regular undulations – the results oozing elegance

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Make waves in your interior and include references to undulating, rippling and lapping features – anything with a toe dipped in the great ocean.

Gentle undulations help to break monotonous surfaces. Underfoot, rug makers say it with pattern by raising tufts for a more sculpted effect. Others make pattern with a change of material – a finer, glossier, silken thread defines a design and brings a floor piece to life.

Treat elevations to the wave effect. Textural lapped boarding with naturally shapely, uncut edges offer a nod in the right direction, but may prove a little too rustic for some palettes. Seek wave-effect wallpapers printed with ripples and curls that display a sense of movement that captures the ebb and flow of watery themes.

Ceramic tiling with three-dimensional wave effect makes for an atmospheric bathroom or wet room elevation. It captures lighting extraordinarily well and allows one to create a sense of drama in bathrooms, that when devoid of any natural light, can prove somewhat lacklustre.

Keep this interior fresh and watery with a colour scheme that reflects the subject. Use undulating shape across other surfaces – treat glass to etched or adhered film, for modesty or interest, using the wave or ripple as your inspiration.

Plainer walls needn't feel excluded – you can introduce a wave style of light fitting. Timber painted wall panels, discreetly lit from behind, are supremely sculptural. Their undulating form often an indirect light source that is art, ambience and task – quite a decorative feat!

Where a radiator is required, look to include a feature wave creation. Tubular metal creations needn't be all straight lines and angles – they can be moulded into almost any shape to create a style statement for the wall. A stunning design adds value to the interior and can be visually enhancing – rather like a wallpaper or wall light. Vertical models can be far more appealing than the traditional horizontal style, providing a high level of comfort in less wall space, and making furniture arrangements a more straightforward task. Such tall, slender solutions are perfect for the bathroom, where space can be tight and the softer lines offer a break from too many hard, angular shapes.

At the windows, what better solution than the "wave" curtain heading? A specialist curtain heading tape that imposes regular undulations, is perfect for voiles and light weight fabrics. The sculptural results ooze understated elegance as they glide back and forth with effortless motion. More conventional headings may suit less conventional fabric choices – woven voiles that capture the essence of a sea breeze or of the seaside, with their soft palette and free-flowing patterning, as an example.

Add a couple of signature pieces to the mix and your wave picture is complete. Timber cabinets and tables that have been "chiselled" in a style that mimics the rippling surface of water display an artisan quality that makes them stand-out pieces. A romantic style of console table, woven in rattan from floor to table top, in shapely curvilinear waves, could also grace many an entrance hall.

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