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Warning after double drugs death in Torquay

By This is Devon  |  Posted: December 27, 2010

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A DOUBLE drugs death in Torquay has prompted detectives to warn users about the lethal mix of substances they use — particularly over the festive break.

The bodies of two men, both local and believed to be friends, were found fully clothed on a bed at a flat in Lisburne Crescent late on Thursday night.

Their deaths are being treated as suspected drugs overdoses. Next of kin have been informed.

One of the men was in his late 20s, the other in his early 30s.

Detectives who examined the scene off Babbacombe Road on Christmas Eve later removed a quantity of controlled and prescription drugs, including some blue tablets which will be the subject of toxic analysis.

Acting Det Insp Chris Yarwood, of Torquay CID, said there were no apparent suspicious circumstances.

But he did warn: "It's very unusual to have two deaths together like this. For this reason we would urge anyone taking drugs in the Bay to be very careful about the mix of chemical substances they are using.

"Clearly, there should be concerns about the strength of substance mix in illegal drugs. These may well be doing the rounds in the local area. That's why people should be mindful. We don't want any more tragedies like this."

He revealed that there was evidence that a cocktail of drink and drugs had been used at the property.

Both men were seen walking along Babbacombe Road at 5.30pm on Thursday.

Just over five hours later they were found dead on the same bed in the fourth floor flat lived in by one of the men.

The men have not yet been formally identified but the men's next of kin have been informed.

DI Yarwood said: "Formal identification will not take place until later this week because of the festive bank holidays and we expect the post mortem examination results to follow."

South Devon coroner Ian Arrow has been informed of the deaths — and an inquest to take formal evidence of identity will be open later this week.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out beforehand at Torbay Hospital where the bodies were taken late in the morning of Christmas Eve.

The alarm was raised by the girlfriend of the man living at the flat.

She could not contact him, so a neighbour forced entry and discovered the grim scene at 10.30pm.

Police and paramedics were subsequently called. Efforts to resuscitate the pair were not successful and they were pronounced dead at the scene.

DI Yarwood emphasised: "We want people to be especially careful over the holiday period, especially in the light of these deaths.

"We know illegal drugs are taken, perhaps more so at this time of year. We need to stress that people simply do not know what they are taking.

"Those who produce these drugs make mistakes with their strength. There is no way to guarantee that their potency will not be excessively high. This can lead to tragic consequences."

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  • robocop1982  |  November 27 2012, 4:41PM

    Those little tabs of blotting paper people often think contain lsd can also contain lots of other nasty chemical. Don't ever swallow any narcotic as it could be tainted with anything even cyanide.

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  • robocop1982  |  November 27 2012, 4:38PM

    people are wrong to blame the people for taking this and acting like they deserved to die. YOur not being very nice by saying that. THe bad people are the ones who manufacture this garbage. don't blame the users. THey were innocent. ONe thing i do know is the houses used to manafacture this junk had to be entered by people wearing full hazar suits. Don't ever swallow this junk. there is notellign what is in it. stick to weed

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  • Profile image for This is Devon
    Wayne Kerr, TQY  |  December 31 2010, 11:21AM

    Yet another sad loss of human life... Quality comment from yeah right, why should we feel sorry for them - we are all aware of the risks in taking drugs. If you play with fire you're gonna get burnt. The recreational use of drugs funds crime, it's a well known fact. A few years back my house was burgled, the police caught the man - a drug addict stealing to fund his addiction.

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  • Profile image for This is Devon
    CW, Torquay  |  December 31 2010, 3:24AM

    NO DRUGS are entirely safe . They ALL have ingredients that can harm you in body and in mind. They can also kill you!. Even aspirin and other over the counter drugs are harmful if not used in proper dosage. Every sane person knows this from an early age and follow the instructions from medics and manufacturers. There is no available advice or known manufacturer when lsd or other illegal drugs are bought off the street. There is no way to guarantee a "high" without risking and wasting your life, so why do they do it? Before condemning addicts to a tirade of the usual bad mouthing I would suggest that we should all remember that we were all young once and many were foolish. We did stupid things because we were tempted by whatever seemed a dare, a challenge or simply something we knew was not strictly adult approved. We smoked from an early age, we drank because it made us feel big, we rode bicycles like lunatics, if we had a car we would show off in it. I could go on, but all I ask is that we all remember these youngsters are not that different, they are simply young and foolish!. They are NOT necessarily criminals, but the drug pushers ARE and it is they that need severe sentencing from the law. The drug "barons", when caught should automatically receive a sentence of 25 years!. They are killers!. My sincere condolences to close family and friends of the two lads. RIP

  • Profile image for This is Devon
    mark, torbay  |  December 30 2010, 7:20PM

    this is very tragic. perhaps now people will understand now why the cops are harsh on people who sell chems. even the cops agree now weed is ok and is just like smoking a bit of tobacco in moderation. Ignore the millions who tell you lsd is safe also. I nearly died once from taking a bad batch of lsd in 1999 and being pressured into taking it by morons and it gave me huge muscle tremmors like a thousand volts going through my body and left me unable to speak for 8 hours is the worsr experience i have had if you can even call it an experience. I'm convinced i died and came back to life that night. trust me stick to weed but even that is not good for youre lungs but its safer than street chems. you will find most people will tell you lsd i safe because some actually want you to exprience and go through the same suffering as they did. i'm not trying ot throw any stones but i advise people to realize popping that bit of garbage in ur mouth could be youre suicide. if a drop of mercury was to enter youre body it wud probably kill you. im not a do gooder but i advise the kids if you really must try stuff then stick to weed

    |   -2
  • Profile image for This is Devon
    mike, torbay  |  December 30 2010, 7:09PM

    listen to this. only days days before this i was one youtube warning people about the dangers of chemical street drugs like pills and warning them about how risky it is to take something that you don't know what you are even taking but none of them would listen and i was getting comments like you are wrong no pills are not bad. Everybody i have seen take ecstacy makes them look very ill around the eyes and some peoples good looks have been permantly ruined by taking pills and left with that funny look it gives the users eyes. one thing i am learning is that millions can assume they are right when they are actually wrong about the use of drugs in particular chems. the only relatively safe drug is weed as it is only a herb. I think the government should legalize it as people are far safer smoking weed than deadly chems that scumbags make and sell for profit. there are evil people out there who would do this to harm users and add stuff like mercury to so called ecstasy. all it takes is one pill to ruin youre good looks and nice skin and eyes. thousands of youtube users seemed to diagree but then this happened and i have seen and heard just how bad pills have been for years. pills make people look really ill and gaunt whlst on them.

    |   -1
  • Profile image for This is Devon
    Richard, Paignton  |  December 30 2010, 12:58PM

    Yes, unfortunate that people of this age should die, but they took the risk with their behaviour and those consequences have to be faced. Drugs - of all types - legal and illegal Tony, have their consequences, but it is unlikely that the legal ones would leave two dead people in these circumstances. You pays your money and takes your choice.

    |   1
  • Profile image for This is Devon
    EmmaP, Kingskerswell  |  December 29 2010, 9:36PM

    someone who understands .........well said. Hopefully that will be food for thought for those who obviously do not understand, hopefully they will be open to listen & perhaps they will not be so quick to judge.

  • Profile image for This is Devon
    somebody who understands, Devon  |  December 29 2010, 4:22PM

    I Knew both lads well. I can Honestly say both lads where trying to better themselves to make a change to there lives they were fighting the Horrendous disease called addiction, how many smokers out there have tried to quit but carnt, (think about it) what would you do if it was your child and beleave me dont be so irrogant to think it would never happen to my child the case of (Leah beths)she had a loving family her dad was a police officer no matter how we bring up are children it can happen there is no class status with this addiction rich or poor live on a council astate or in a mansion it can happen ive seen it whith my own eyes teachers even policemen, fireman,MPs, famouse people addicted to somthing or other, not all addicts or druggies as you call them rob houses or old folk and ive know in the past pleanty of people who dont take drugs and do stuff like that and worse. Most people suffer from addiction in some way or another it just manifest itself in diffrent ways work,horses,slot machines,Money sex and yes drugs. i mean how many kids want to grow up and be a drug addict none would no doubt be the answer, it just so happens these lads had a problem with drugs they did not know when to stop and knowbody knows why or for what reason they decided to takes drugs and that includes them selfs in that most addictes dont know why they take drugs yer it makes them feel better but that is only for a short time how about locking them up for 5 years i will garantee they will come out and bam they will continue where they left off why is that? Because they needed help not ****ging off and shame on you, where is your empathy towards there familys at this time of year nextime it could be someone you know and love. I know for a Fact that they had both been clean for a long time one of the Lads had just Finished a degree from uni and past with honours how many of us can say that, yes its a waste now and a bloody shame because the world has lost not two Druggies ,Junkies what ever you want to call them they were both kind warm hearted lads and would go out of their way to help someone out. Them lads made a mistake that cost them there lives and i know i was glad i met them both. my deepest sympathy to both Familys they will be in my thoughts.RIP

    |   1
  • Profile image for This is Devon
    LisburneRes, tqy  |  December 29 2010, 4:21PM

    @Ian, FYI, the building I live in is actually one of the best maintained in the crescent. As for the boys, it's still a great shame for the loss at young ages. Everyone assumes they're addicts just because they took some drugs. You don't automatically become an addict just because you take a drug, but if the drug you take is of poor quality and cut with any amount of nasty substance then it's always a massive risk and the results can lead to these tragic circumstances. My thoughts are still with the family and friends of those guys at this sad time and not the state of the building.