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VIDEO: Police commissioner Tony Hogg reflects on first 100 days in office

By WMN_SHarrison  |  Posted: February 28, 2013

Tony Hogg, Devon and Cornwall police and crime commissioner

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Devon and Cornwall's police and crime commissioner Tony Hogg has set out the "second phase" of his job as he reaches a landmark 100 days in office.

In a wide ranging interview with the Western Morning News published tomorrow, Mr Hogg says it had been "non-stop" since his election in November with having to appoint a chief constable, lay out the region's first ever crime plan and agree a crucial budget rise.

Reiterating his commitment to putting victims at the top of his priorities, he also outlines his determination to tackling alcohol-related crime after witnessing the late-night policing of pubs and clubs in Plymouth at first hand.

"If one youngster needs eight officers to take them to custody just to keep them safe from hurting themselves we need to think about that and decide whether we want to spend our taxpayers money in that way," he says.

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"We need to try to limit the impact in a range of ways - education, minimum unit pricing perhaps, multi-buys and very importantly proxy buying and pre-loading. We need to try to stop people drinking themselves unconscious."

For the full interview see Friday's Western Morning News.

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  • Sue002  |  March 02 2013, 6:18PM

    Does Mr Hogg have a little White suit to actually look more like "Boss Hoog" He is probably short enough. He could then meddle in matters has no real ideas about under a somewhat commical identity we could all understand.

  • marting2010  |  March 01 2013, 3:01PM

    Does Mr Hogg believe that his position has mad a difference in the 1st 100 days I think not, the old Police Authority would have appointed a new Ch. Constable, the budget would have been set with out his input, the strategic plan would have been developed with out him. Mr Hogg is a decent man but one doing a totally unnecessary role and in a time of austerity one where the funding could have been used elsewhere. Does he believe that in the past years the police have had volunteers queuing up and have been turned away, of course not. If he wants to know why there is a lack of Special Constables maybe he should look at the PCSO's before their arrival the force uses "Specials" who worked for free, had police training and had the same powers of arrest as a constable at a stroke Devon and Cornwall CONSTABULARY (not Police) embraced PCSO's as the new cure for all evils because at the time they were funded from central government and "specials" quite rightly felt snubbed especially when recruitment to the regulars favoured "Blunketts Bobbies"

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  • Doitdreckley  |  March 01 2013, 8:29AM

    Pubs and clubs need to be contributing more for policing. It is crazy that substantial swathes of the police area are effectively lacking officers particularly on weekend nights while they are trying to pacify drunken thugs. All the had wringing about people drinking themselves silly misses the point why they are doing it. Debt, lousy jobs, bad employers, a hopeless outlook as far as life chances are concerned all mean that people find some temporary happiness in boooze. Its nothing to do with the price of it. If it has taken Hogg 100 days to observe the obvious then I hardly think he is worth the waste of public money which is his position.

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  • Plymouthking  |  March 01 2013, 12:48AM

    they should be peace officers - but they are actually Policy enforcers!

  • pogle63a  |  March 01 2013, 12:19AM

    Well said Jabbathebutt, What Boss Hogg doesn`t seem to get his head around is the concept of binge drinking. To binge drink you need money cos its not cheap, so people work all week come friday out on the lash no worries if you get trollied and end up in the cells at Charles cross because you`ll be out next day home to bed back to work monday to tell the workamtes about it. Slap on the wrist from the old bill or a pitiful £80 on the spot fine. If they really want to stop binge drinking they need to make sure that the people who do it cannot go to work on monday morning and make them report to the police station, if the employers of those people who regularly binge drink and cause trouble knew about their behaviour they might take action to stop them doing it, by either warning them or sacking them. Causing disorder through binge drinking is a crime and those who keep doing it ought to be made to pay for it. Ordinary people are fed up with paying for crime to be brought under control whilst criminals seem to get away almost scot free. It time those commiting crime payed for it. Another answer could be to charge drunks who are arrested the full cost of their detainment and care, if this is for their own welfare then they should pay for it.

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  • HermesThelema  |  February 28 2013, 11:17PM

    "Boss" Hogg, our new would-be superhero is correct on many points. However, when one considers the issue of alcohol, perhaps one should also consider the state of the pavements and the numerous pot-holes around the town centre; I am not an expert accountant nor do I have the figures to hand which would enable me to addition how many pot-holes and loose pavements could have been mended from a £85,000 budget were it to be have been made available. In addition, "Boss" Hogg is probably aware that a number of pyramid marketing suicide cults isolate and torture individuals to a point of losing consciousness, part of the indoctrination of which via compaction of language over time over the word a-l-c-o-h-o-l can cause a raising of four or five voices in homunculus daemon to cause intolerance and seizures. Does "Boss" Hogg, via this advertising piece which is designed to show how much of a man he is for the job, have a plan to combat the menace of the pyramid marketing suicide cults Freemasonry and Church of Scientology, which have undoubtedly caused considerable pain and propensibly the death of many in this city, and thus make a personal stance against corruption, or does he merely intend to roundabout in trading insults. Maybe people are drinking more as they are unhappy. Is 100 days in office £23,287.68 well spent?

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  • jabbathebutt  |  February 28 2013, 9:57PM

    Stage 1 ... we need to tax more . Stage 2 we need to tax more . Stage 3 we need to tax more . Everything about raising taxes for the innocent ... but nothing about making crime not actualy worthwhile for the criminals .

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  • Hermes_001  |  February 28 2013, 9:38PM

    ........."If one youngster needs eight officers to take them to custody just to keep them safe from hurting themselves we need to think about that and decide whether we want to spend our taxpayers money in that way," he says........... Eight officers!! Doesn't say much about the quality of our cops training does it?

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  • CharlieDodd  |  February 28 2013, 3:51PM

    ..'We need to try to stop people drinking themselves unconscious'.. Maybe pub landlords and booze outlets could be encouraged to play a part by refusing to serve anybody who's obviously sloshed and tell them "Sorry mate you've had enough, on yer bike"

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