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UPDATE: A38 closed at Manadon Roundabout, man pronounced dead

By NeilShaw  |  Posted: January 22, 2013

  • Crash closes A38 in Plymouth (5)

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A 42-year-old man has been pronounced dead after 10 cars crashed on the A38 in Plymouth just before 6am.

Police say there were five two-car crashes in icy conditions at the same time between Marsh Mills and Manadon - closing the road Exeter-bound.

This morning the seriously injured man was treated at Derriford Hospital and was said to be in a critical condition.

At 9:21pm today police announced the man had died.

The two vehicles involved in the fatal collision were a red Ford Fiesta and a black Toyota Avensis.

At the time of the collision the road surface was icy, following a recent hail storm.

As a result of the collision the driver of the Ford Fiesta, a local man aged 42, has died from his injuries.

His next of kin have been informed, say police.

The closure caused traffic chaos across the city, with cars queuing on most of the city's major roads for more than two hours at a time.

At 11am traffic was starting to clear on the A38 and surrounding roads. The site of the crash opened at 4pm.

Chief Inspector Ian Drummond said: "There have also been several minor accidents across the city so I advise people to take extra care when travelling in this weather.

"Please leave extra time to travel."

Police from the Plymouth Serious Collision Investigation Unit are appealing for witnesses to this incident to contact them on Tel 101 quoting log number DCP – 20130122-0100.

Just after 9am there were reports of another crash on the A38 at Deep Lane.

One lane Plymouth-bound has been closed there after the accident involving two vehicles.

The drivers are reported to have suffered minor injuries.

There was another accident when a vehicle hit a crash barrier and spun into the road on the A38 between Ivybridge and Wrangaton heading towards Exeter, according to police.

The incident happened at around 11.40am, ambulance crews were called and the road has now been cleared

There was also an incident on the A380 at the top of Telegraph Hill heading towards Exeter, where there are reports of reduced visibility.

A BMW hit a crash barrier by the Texaco garage and ambulance crews have been called.

The A38 was closed between Manadon Roundabout and the Forder Valley Interchange.

During the height of the lightening storm last night Pillaton Church in Saltash was hit - suffering what is thought to be substantial structural damage.

Police say there was also disruption at Novorossisk Road where an HGV has broken down.

Pc Ryan Canning tweeted: "I wouldnt even attempt to travel through #Plymouth this morning. Its gridlocked all around the #A38 & roads are treacherous."

The A38 was closed Exeter bound and traffic was slow on the opposite carriageway - queuing for at least a mile.

Police diverted traffic at the roundabout.

A police spokesman said: "At 5.50 a.m. on Tuesday 22 January 2013, emergency service attended the scene of a road traffic collision on the Exeter bound carriageway of the A38 between Manadon and Marsh Mills.

"A number of vehicles had spun off the main road and onto the grass verges. At least one person was seriously injured as a result.

"The road has been closed at the Devonport and St Budeaux on slips. The Exeter bound carriageway is open from the Tamar Bridge but traffic is being directed off at St Budeaux.

"Diversions have been set up but there will be inevitable delays for the rush hours traffic. "Officers at the scene believe that the freezing road conditions may be a contributory factor and are warning motorists to slow down when using any of the roads in the area.

"Further collisions on the approach to the scene are also adding to the congestion and motorists are advised delays journeys or avoid the area if possible."

Buses were also disrupted. A spokesman for First Bus said: "The closure of the A38 may have an affect on the X80 and 88 travelling in and out of the city.

"We are currently awaiting reports from drivers in respect of side roads in and around the city. Main roads except A38 open and clear at moment.

"Antony Hill, Torpoint, is currently impassable due to overnight fall of hail and subsequent freezing temperatures. Service 81 affected beyond HMS Raleigh.

"Lynher Drive, Saltash is currently impassable due to icy conditions.

"Please take care when walking to your bus stop and as always always wrap up and take care on any pavements or roads that haven't been gritted or have thawed out yet."

A spokesman for Plymouth CityBus said: "Traffic is at a standstill from Mudge Way to Marsh Mills. All Plympton services are subject to severe delays.

"Crownhill area is at a standstill Long Delays to any service using that area.

"We are unable to access Holly Park for the time being.

"We cannot get into and out of Efford at the moment buses turning at the bottom of Pike Road."

CityBus is also seeing delays in South East Cornwall and around the A38.

Sudden sleet and hail showers are making driving difficult and dangerous - suddenly reducing visibility and leaving a thick slick on the carriageway.

A carriageway is closed at Devonport with traffic being diverted along the Pemros bus lane because of the serious multi-vehicle crash and ice.

And earlier this morning a lane was closed on the A38 at South Brent after a crash.

Icy weather is causing problems in South East Cornwall - with schools closed at St Cleer, St Dominick, Darite, Pensilva, Upton Cross, Looe and Quethiock.

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  • Watawally  |  June 28 2013, 12:50AM

    Those who red 'thumbed down' correctly stated comments are the idiot drivers we encounter on a daily basis that fly past at 75+. Those who commented on the speed limits on here are just reminding those 'idiots' that the speed limits are there for a reason. Yes I would expect a red 'thumbs down' for my comment here - but it says it all really, the idiots who mark my comment red are those who break the speed limits, tailgate others and drive like a loony. So please show everyone that you are a terrible and dangerous driver by voting my comment down. That will prove who the real bad drivers are here in the South West. Go ahead...

  • DrSchizo  |  January 23 2013, 4:21PM

    I was there and people were driving far too fast prior and during the downpour Just add a couple of compulsory skid pan driving training into the driving lessons and people would be able to understand the principles of driving in extreme conditions. Others countries do: although the weather isnt as grim all winter in the UK...its a no brainer...

    |   1
  • OutsideView  |  January 23 2013, 2:39PM

    From the Highway code: Unless you see signs showing otherwise, a limit of 30 miles per hour (mph) or 48 kilometres per hour (km/h) usually applies to all traffic on all roads with street lighting. National speed limits Type of vehicle Cars and vehicles (including car-derived vans up to 2 tonnes max laden weight) 30 (48) Built-up areas mph (km/h) 60 (96) Single carriageways mph (km/h) 70 (112) Dual carriageways mph (km/h) 70 (112) Motorways mph (km/h)

  • jennyplym  |  January 23 2013, 12:38AM

    Well at 11.20pm Monday night there was a terrific Hail storm with huge hail stones which lasted for 40 minutes with Thunder and Fork Lightning, I live next to the Parkway/Tamar Bridge and the Parkway road and Pemros and Normandy Hill had 2 inch thick with Hail stones which froze, this stayed like this all night the whole area looked like we had had 2 inches of snow it was all white but was in fact frozen Hail stones, and was still the same at 6am Tuesday Morning, the Hail did not melt until late morning. All the roads in this area had been gritted the night before Monday Night, it made no difference, most roads in the area and the Parkway still had frozen Hail Stones on them at 6am, with sub zero temperatures overnight made it very slippery. I still had Hail stones in my garden at 4pm Tuesday. The roads were terribly dangerous all night and for most of the morning. I think everyone feels for this poor chap and his family, it was a terrible accident. RIP.

    |   8
  • Elle2894  |  January 22 2013, 11:23PM

    r.i.p, thoughts to family and friends.

    |   5
  • benmn  |  January 22 2013, 11:12PM

    just saw on D&C police twitter that the guy passed away due to his injuries. Thoughts with his family. Tragic accident.

    |   4
  • spike20  |  January 22 2013, 10:05PM

    Police have just reported the poor guy has died, RIP :( We were on the A38 at 7am and the conditions were very bad, we left home near Marsh Mills with over an inch of massive hailstones on the road, it had come down very heavy, saw it as couldn't sleep, and the road conditions must have turned hideous in an instant, not many drivers would have coped with it :(

    |   8
  • FunkyD1  |  January 22 2013, 9:39PM

    National Speed lImit is 70mph for CARS on a dual carriageway. The A38 is 70mph for CARS. Belive it or not its 60mph for VANS etc. Same with Roborough Downs. Its Single Carriageway therefore the speed limit if 60mph for CARS (unless dictated by signs, ie Dartmoor national park is actually 40mph for 90% of it). The speed limit for VANS etc is actually 50mph along there. The earlier posts are taking about a section of dual carriageway which has 40mph signs. Also believe it or not a "dual carriageway" without a central reservation/barrier is actually classed as a single carriageway. Therefore the National Speed Limit on there is 60mph for Cars.

    |   1
  • Waltersmith  |  January 22 2013, 9:25PM

    If there is a national speed limit sign (white circle/black line diagonal) then the speed limit on a dual carriageway is 70mph unless otherwise stated.

    |   4
  • Peter123  |  January 22 2013, 8:24PM

    @knowall*****... What do you mean "if I say so"? its not if I say so, Its the law! The dual carriageway from laira bridge to morrisons, 70mph? NO! its 30, because the signs say so! I don't make the speed limits up, so its not if I say so, its if the law says so!

    |   -4