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UFOs spotted in Exeter area

By Rich_Booth  |  Posted: July 03, 2012

Have you seen any UFOs in the Exeter sky?

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As part of World UFO Day on July 2nd ThisIsExeter has taken a look at reported flying saucer sightings in and around the Exeter area.

The day, described by its organisers as an event to "raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO's and with that intelligent beings from outer space", fell just two weeks after a Witheridge man claims to have seen a UFO in the North Devon sky.

ThisIsNorthDevon reported Lieutenant-Colonel White noticed the object on June 4th, he told North Devon Journal: "My wife spotted a red light in the sky at about 11pm. At first we thought it was Mars or another planet but because of the cloud cover it couldn't have been. There wasn't a star showing."

The ex-chairman of East Anstey Parish Council added it definitely was not fireworks from the Jubilee celebrations.

The sighting was reported to the website uk-ufo.co.uk adding to a total of thirteen reports in Devon so far this year.

Other reports on the site include:

An Exmouth man claims to have spotted a "blue, white and red flickering object" from his bedroom window on January 10th, he told the site:

"I was looking out the window before going to bed (2am) and noticed a bright star in the distance. It was flickering blues, whites and reds but what struck me was how it kept fading out then coming back into focus. After about 5 mins I noticed it was much closer to a tree than when I first saw it and when I lined the two up together it would slowly disappear. It was moving West to East (the opposite way to the stars, eliminating that as a possible cause)."

A Plymouth woman stated she saw an "unusual light" to the South West of the city on March 26th, she said:

"It was a white light quite low in the sky blinking red/blue/green. Although the light was changing colour faster than I have ever seen Venus blinking colour before. But then it moved slightly to the left. I called my husband and he came out and saw it move again. It was mostly still in the sky but moved about 3-4 times while I was watching it. Did not move a great distance, just to the left then back to the right after a little while. definitely not an aircraft."

Apparent sightings of a flashing object above Dawlish on March 19th, the witness reported:

"Looking briefly at the very beautiful sky crammed with stars. Quickly drawn to a flashing star 'as I thought' but no other star would flash this quickly. It was quite a distance in front very high up so, 1st assumed an aircraft. But this flashing did not move, seemed quite stationary but did have colours to, green type in its surrounding."

Devon has the most reported unidentified flying object sightings in the South West on the website, with one more than Somerset and eight more than Cornwall.

Have you spotted a UFO in your area or can you help explain the above sightings? Let us know in the comment section below.

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