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Trade Union power is waning – but they still pose a risk

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: June 21, 2012

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Apparently it would seem wrong to raise any issues concerning one's disapproval of trade unions, and particularly Unite. Nevertheless, despite the angry replies which I generate, I still intend to stick my neck out.

Unite – now the use of that word really is a joke. Who exactly are they united with? Not us, the general public, that's for sure.

The idea would seem to be to disunite all and sundry and cause as much disruption as possible to each and every one for the sake of making a point.

Those making these decisions sit in their luxurious offices drawing their enormous salaries – up to £97,000 plus per year, at the last reckoning – and all for simply behaving like a complete idiots.

Would we consider those within Unite to be fine upstanding citizens, who would hold dear the welfare of this country and place its people first?

Trade Unions have taken on a whole new image. Negotiation is the last thing that they really intend in any shape, size or form. They only want to be the boss.

I would still stand by the point I made some 12 months ago. Do we really get the democratically elected government we voted for, or something that can readily be bullied by Trade Unions?

A recent report suggests that, because of falling membership within the Labour Party, Unite have drawn up plans for a systematic programme of recruitment in schools.

That kind of socialism does not work – ask the Polish population. I somehow think they would treat these moves with some doubt.

So from day one we are about to teach our children how to strike; how to cause disruption – but you can bet not how to negotiate better deals.

I seem to recall all this happening in schools during a past Labour government, which demanded children have more say.

Now, believe it or not, in some schools we have no discipline and in others complete anarchy.,

If indeed politics is to be courted in schools then there should be a political balance, representing all.

Or do we, as Mr McCluskey would wish, settle for a Communist State which just does not work or, if it did, a lot less persons would not seek sanctuary in the UK.

Ed Miliband should condemn this indoctrination in schools by Red Len or suffer the consequences.

Let us not forget, Mr McCluskey – wonderful gentleman that he is – threatens to disrupt the London Olympics as part of the action to cut public sector pensions.

Mr McCluskey is obviously not a great sportsman. Falling membership, and Ed is not listening, he has very little going for him at this moment in time.

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