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Rider hurt in Plymouth crash

By HeraldNews  |  Posted: April 12, 2013

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A CYCLIST was hurt in an accident with a BMW car this evening.
The accident, which happened after the evening rush hour, blocked Keyham Road in Plymouth both ways between St Leo Place and St Levan Road.
Police said the cyclist was taken to hospital with minor injuries which were "not life-threatening or life-changing".

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  • Ady_E  |  April 23 2013, 9:50PM

    Another tragic and needless collision involving a cyclist. Obviously, since no details were given, I'll reserve judgement. But, I've said this before and will say it again. Motorists need to be more 'cycle aware'. We all know how bad the roads are and cyclists have to steer clear of damage to avoid hitting it destabilising their machine resulting in a fall. Cyclist also need to do their part. As both a cyclist and motorist it really bugs me to see cyclists jumping red lights etc... This brings retribution upon other sensible cyclists like myself. We all need to work at making our roads safer for everyone. Realist1955: Cycling is often faster than travelling by car and I've proved it! So, to suggest a blanket ban of cyclists is absurd and very childish! Get a grip! Another point. Why does this site always report roads blocked etc before even saying how the injured people are. Roads were blocked, who care! People are injured, I care! Sort it out!

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  • pilgrimpete  |  April 16 2013, 7:57AM

    Shipmateron, at least you talk sense realist, not knowing how the accident happened your comment is childish, how about banning all bad drivers, then they wont collide with anything marc1964, agree with some of you comments about cyclists taking some of the blame, but as I said in a previous "cycling" war of words, I have never seen a car jump a red light !!!!!!!!!, never had a car cut me up at lights or roundabouts just so they can save 5 seconds of time, and unfortunately like you I think they will carry on.

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  • marc1964  |  April 13 2013, 7:36AM

    I think therecould be a few fators in lay here, The state of the rads ia appaulingwith bikes havng t swerveo avoid potholes and badly repaired road. Cars not being aware of cyclists and motorbike riders and there general bad driving but also cyclists have to take some blame and cycle within the laws of the road and not jumping lights , going on to the pavement when it suits and general no indication when turning, I think these accidents will carry on

  • realist1955  |  April 13 2013, 4:26AM

    ban cyclists and there would be less accidents, and why tell us it was after the rush hour,whats the point!!

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  • shipmateron  |  April 12 2013, 9:54PM

    I agree that this is clearly the fault of pot holes and in no way the fault of some Lycra clad moron on a bike or a brain dead Beamer owner, both no doubt obeying speed limits and riding/driving defensively. Damn those pot holes.

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  • plympaul  |  April 12 2013, 7:49PM

    i have noticed that thier seems to be crashes happening alot in plymouth like every week!!! pcc i thinks it time you sorted out the potholes around plymouth as these crashes are happening quite alot around the city!!!

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