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Obesity, Spirit Happy Diet and a doctor

By Loveandhealth  |  Posted: November 10, 2012

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Devon has an

obesity problem according to NHS Plymouth. The Spirit happy diet was

recently in the news because a diabetes diet was advocated by a

Australian Doctor as the quickest way for people with or without

diabetes to lose weight. There is an obesity problem in Devon, in

fact over 35 % of adults and 25% of teens are overweight. A doctor's

research into obesity brought the Spirit happy diet to light in a

recent health journal.

The link between

blood sugar and weight gain in the non diabetic

Dr. Edinberg of

Monash University has shown that a diabetes diet caused the fastest

weight loss in people who were overweight without diabetes.

Researchers were surprised that a diabetic diet dropped body fat

naturally in people without diabetes. The secret was not a sugar free

diet but a diet that reversed food chemicals cell damage. A diabetic

diet caused the weight loss even when sugar was added into the diet.

Researchers claim that the diet worked by healing the cells of the

body of processed foods.

We all know that

processed foods are bad but this is the first time that lab results

showed a diet could reverse the damage and causes weight loss. A

diabetic diet from Denmark called the Spirit happy diet had shown

back in 2010 (on rats) that a Type 2 diabetic diet caused weight loss

regardless of having diabetes but this was the first time it was

proven in humans. Mean while 2 more weight loss drugs were banned

last see here can't

lose weight

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