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Man smashed through neighbour’s door with axe in Barnstaple

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: December 08, 2013

Kristian Maddocks pictured prior to this court case in 2009 shortly after his face was slashed in an altercation in Barnstaple

Kristian Maddocks pictured prior to this court case in 2009 shortly after his face was slashed in an altercation in Barnstaple

A drunken man left a family terrified when he smashed in their front door with an abattoir axe.

Charity fundraiser Kristian Maddocks went berserk with the pig axe and attacked lamp posts, street signs and a neighbour's door in an hour long wrecking spree.

He was drunk after drinking eight pints of beer at a pub and upset because he did not think he was getting the support he wanted from mental health professionals.

Maddocks plunged the axe through the front door of one of his neighbours' homes in Hughes Avenue, Barnstaple, at 2am as a family with young children slept inside.

He smashed the axe right through the wooden front door, causing £500 damage and leaving it in splinters.

He was so uncontrollable that police summoned a firearms unit and it needed two different taser strikes to subdue him.

He caused more than £7,000 damage by hitting lamp posts and street signs with the weapon, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Maddocks, 36, of Hughes Avenue, admitted criminal damage and having a bladed article in a public place.

He was jailed for 20 months, suspended for two years, and ordered to work with the probation and mental health services as part of two years supervision.

Judge Phillip Wassall told him: "You ran amok and had with you an abattoir cleaver used for dismembering animals after slaughter and known as a pig axe. It must have been a most terrifying weapon.

“The police came and saw you waving the axe around and attacking lamp posts and road signs. You went to one of the houses in the street and struck the front door with the weapon.

“You penetrated the door, which gives some idea of the weight and sharpness of the weapon. It is lethal although I accept you did not brandish it towards any individual.

“The people in the road must have been terrified and I have heard about the impact on the people who were asleep in that house. It must have been a terrifying experience for them and anyone else who saw it.”

Eleanor Perkis, for the prosecution, said police were called to Hughes Avenue in Barnstaple at 2am on August 27 this year when residents complained of a man attacking lamp posts with an axe.

He partially demolished the door of one home where a young family were asleep and carried on walking about with the axe for an hour while officers waited for an armed response unit to arrive.

He refused to drop the axe and was tasered as he moved towards the police but remained on his feet until he was tasered for a second time.

He told police he had mixed medication with eight pints of beer before returning home and picking up the weapon.

Richard Crabb, for the defence, said Maddocks suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as the result of being the victim of a knife attack in 2009 which has left him with a scar on his face.

On the night of the incident he was angry and frustrated because he had been told he must wait a year for a counselling course.

He said: “This was a man making a cry for help, he needs treatment rather than punishment.”

Mr Crabb said despite his mental problems Maddocks was a keen charity fundraiser who had taken part in events including a mountain climb to raise cash for good causes.