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Make diabetes go away, what you can do

By HealthAlert  |  Posted: December 31, 2012

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What can I do to make diabetes go awayis a question anyone with the illness should be asking. The good newsis that it is possible to stop the damaging glucose, the bad news isthat few are doing it. High blood sugar is a growing problem and itis taking lives. Over 4 and a half million died of the disease lastyear,you can help make diabetes go away when you learn that you canhave a part in reversing the illness.

The damaging affects of high bloodsugar

There is no illness in the world todayas high blood sugar, it is a poison in the body according to scienceresearchers. What is it about blood sugar that causes so much damageto the body? Glucose or blood sugar is needed in the body, it helpsto send energy to the cells of the body, when levels are normalglucose is a wonderful thing for the body. High glucose means thatflooding levels of glucose are invading the bloodstream and this canbe deadly to your body. A flood of glucose causes your cells tosuffer, your pancreas sends insulin to remove the glucose buteventually the pancreas gives out to make matters worst he cellsbecome resistant to the insulin. At this point you must make diabetesgo away or you are in for big trouble.

The flood of glucose causes the organsof the body to wear out. The kidneys give out and you may needdialysis machine to urinate, a machine will do what the kidneys canno longer do. The legs and circulation suffer as well, many will haveto have the legs removed. High blood sugar rips the body apart. Thereis no other illness that destroys the liver,kidneys and heart. Allfrom the flooding glucose.

Your part in healing

Amazingly researchers show that mostdiabetes can be reversed. Over 80% of those with diabetic high bloodsugar could reverse the illness if they took action against thedisease. Why play games with this deadly poison? Diet can strike ablow to high blood sugar better than any medications, you do play apart in making diabetes go away.

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