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We could do with Maggie back in charge of country

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: October 15, 2012

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Here we go again – let's lay all the evils of the modern world at the feet of the greatest post war Prime Minister we have ever had. At this rate she will soon be getting blamed for bird flu and the demise of the euro.

Let's ignore the fact that Margaret Thatcher actually sorted out the unholy mess her predecessors had left the country in to a point where we were able to make substantial inroads into "GB Ltd's national debt'.

Let's forget the fact that she freed us from the lunacy of a union dominated manufacturing sector regarded with derision by other nations (have we all forgotten Red Ken, the winter of discontent and the three day week?) and let's not take any notice of the huge rebate she got out of the EU. (Boy, she was right about that lot wasn't she? Not to mention the euro?)

No, let's now start blaming her for, wait for it, the evils of the class war! I ask you, the class war! She was a grocer's daughter from Grantham, for heaven's sake! She wasn't from a privileged background, she was one of the silent majority the middle class, the outsider in the corridors of power, the hardest battle she ever fought was the earliest one she had within the Tory party not least because she was a woman.

Scargill, Galtieri and Delors must have been easy meat compared to the Tory grandees and the formidable Whitehall establishment.

While we are on the subject of the miners, your correspondent also blames Maggie for this conflict! Am I hearing this right? As I recall Scargill had already humiliated one Tory PM and was hell bent of a repeat performance. In his eyes he was fighting a class war of a kind what would your correspondent have her do? Give Scargill a seat on the cabinet? She didn't pack and leave, and, sadly it certainly was a war with lot of collateral damage.

But this time, the victor didn't get to write history. Her enemies still seem to have a monopoly on that. But the most revisionist theory of all from your correspondent was the one about the Falklands saying it was a clever ruse to get re-elected. What?

The Argentinians invaded the so-called Malvinas led by a bully called Galtieri who needed to divert his people from the sorry mess he was making of governing Argentina. He started it, we finished it.

Lastly, your correspondent says he was made redundant in her era. Weren't we all? I was twice, and if ever an enterprise culture existed that was sympathetic to this nation of shopkeepers it was in the grocer's daughter's time. She understood business and was rooted in reality.

In fact, I wish she was still in those corridors of power banging heads together. Politics would at least be more interesting and politicians might seem a little more useful to all of us.

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  • vulcan  |  October 15 2012, 4:52PM

    Lets not forget that this woman was 'successful' because she instigated the mass selling off of anything which has resulted in public utilities being owned by foreign companies and now holding us to ransom. Gone are the affordable council homes. Sold. Lets not forget gerrymandering on breathtaking scales, or the relentless increase in prescription charges. She was a bullying old bag with delusions of grandeur. Good riddance

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