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Just a thought

By Plymouth Herald  |  Posted: September 18, 2012

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THE paper lately has been full of stories relating to the Gdynia Way speed limits and the signage or lack of it both coming into town from Plymstock or Marsh Mills.

People from both sides of the discussion have had their say but I can see no change physically.

So, why not spend a relatively small amount of money and place 30 mph repeater signs on the approaches and along Gdynia Way itself to remind people, both local and visitors that they are in a 30 mph zone.

The council finds the money to fund any number of their pet schemes so why not this?

It’s not rocket science after all.

Just a thought.

D Salmon, Elburton

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  • blogtodi  |  September 19 2012, 4:17PM

    As I said, it's a myth... but some choose to believe it to justify driving at/over the limit when they can. It's called digital driving - it's either on or off, full power or stop. Driving to suit the road conditions is alien to some.

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  • Vinnie_Gar  |  September 19 2012, 1:51PM

    147ref For what offence? I understand timplymouth's point for failing to make adequate progress but there's no offence that I can see. I understand there may be aggravating circumstances but not just going too slow. What about motorcyles that can't manage 40mph? What about driving at 40mph on a single carriageway road with a 60 limit? That's a larger relative reduction but HGVs have that as their speed limit.

  • 147ref  |  September 19 2012, 12:43PM

    sorry blogtodi, but you can be giving a warning for driving slower than the speed limit, reason for this, it causes other drivers to want to overtake you to do the correct speed

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  • timplymouth  |  September 19 2012, 12:27PM

    I didn't say that you would be stopped by the police, but you would fail your driving test for cruising at 25mph on a 30mph road without any reason for not reaching 30mph. http://tinyurl.com/9527ktt Forcing everyone else to overtake you because you fancy a slow speed tour of the city is dangerous.

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  • blogtodi  |  September 19 2012, 11:58AM

    @ 147ref and timplymouth - I'm afraid that's a myth perpetuated by boy racers who only know 'flat out' or stop. The police wouldn't stop or caution anyone for driving at a lower speed than the limit unless it was extreme.

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  • 147ref  |  September 19 2012, 11:35AM

    try doing 30 in a 40 speed limit chances are police will have you for driving slow, just stick to the bloody speed limit then you cant go wrong

  • timplymouth  |  September 19 2012, 11:10AM

    Actually it is a target. You would fail your driving test doing 25mph in a 30mph zone unless conditions made 25mph the sensible speed.

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  • blogtodi  |  September 19 2012, 10:30AM

    @ suemma - Never feel intimidated by other drivers. Whatever the limit, it's still only a limit and not a target. Driving at 25mph along a 30mph road is OK. Driving at 30mph is OK in a 40mph limit. It's the tailgater who has the problem. If I find a tailgater behind me I start to slow down until they get the message that I won't be pressured. Drive your own way, not somebody else's...If you drive how you were taught, how can you be wrong?

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  • suemma  |  September 18 2012, 6:38PM

    I am not a regular user of Gdynia Way and so the first time I used it after the changes, I searched for the speed limit signs and could not see any. I decided to play it safe and stick at 30 but ended up being tailgated. I knew the road was previously 40mph and felt pressured to go a bit faster. Every time after I searched for signs or got my daughter to and the only way I found out the truth is through the problems others have had with the road. Personally, I thought it was sneaky not to display signs on a road where the speed limit had been reduced.

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  • Waltersmith  |  September 18 2012, 5:50PM

    Imagine the cost of 30 mph signs on all 30 mph roads in Plymouth - millions of pounds. The people who do not understand that the limit on a lit road is 30 mph unless stated otherwise would be complaining if their council tax went up to pay for and maintain them

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