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Haven't our MPs got more to do than tax our lunch?

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: October 09, 2012

The humble pasty is now subject to VAT if it is kept warm after baking and before being sold

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With the controversial 'Pasty Tax' having just come into force, I mean pasties and pies being kept warm, I thought I would see how quickly our local Tesco store would jump on the bandwagon.

True to form, taking a warmed sausage roll, the day before the tax came into force it was 69p.

The day it came into force the same sausage roll increased to 82p.

Yes, you might say, Tesco have done the right thing, but surely there must have been some stocks remaining from the previous day.

However, it sickens me to think such a tax on 'food' should ever have been thought of in the first instance.

It's sad that fully grown adults, such as those in parliament, haven't got better things to think about for their basic £65,000 salary. Wild horses won't lead me to believe that God created a section of society that – through spouting hot air and being clever with words – would secure jobs carrying an automatic salary of £65,000, with no experience required.

Ah! But this is just the stepping stone to riches, because the expenses haven't been totted up yet.

That will amount – in almost all cases – to a further £120,000 or such like in addition for each.

Nice work if you can get it. And to think they have introduced this pasty tax in order to screw more out of the 'working' man who actual 'earns' his money and in affect takes the food out of his mouth.

Meanwhile they lavish in posh subsidised lunches and guzzling good booze.

It's little wonder, when you watch parliament on the TV, that a lot are seeming to be asleep – except for an occasional bellow in agreement with whoever might be speaking at the time.

Another thing which makes me laugh out loud is, when someone is speaking, the one's behind him are nodding their heads in full agreement.

They remind me very much of the nodding stuffed dogs you see sometimes on the parcel shelf of a car in front of you.

And to think this is what our taxes are paying for!

If any readers would like to go 'on-line' to see things for themselves, log on to either http://www. theyworkforyou.com or http://www.parliament.uk/about/faqs/houseofcommons.faqs.

I rest my case.

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