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A Guide to Funeral Flowers - Meanings Behind Your Flower Options

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: January 16, 2013

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A funeral is a difficult time and they can require a great deal of planning. When choosing funeral flowers you want to ensure they reflect your love for the person who has passed away and help create a beautiful tribute to their lives.

Knowing the meaning behind traditional funeral flowers and what they symbolise may help guide you in your decision.


Lilies are the most traditional funeral flowers, with their beauty and simplicity being fitting for such an occasion. These beautiful flowers are thought to symbolise that the soul of the person who has passed has returned to a state of innocence.

The colour of lily that you choose also affects their meaning, so it is important to think of this too. White lilies are the most popular at funerals, symbolising purity whilst the stargazer variety symbolises sympathy. If you wanted to opt for something a little different, an oriental lily which symbolises eternal life is another option.


Available all year round, carnations are a practical choice with plenty of meaning. Red carnations symbolise feelings of passion and admiration, while pink carnations symbolise remembrance, joy and life. Carnations which are white in colour symbolises innocence and purity.

These flowers make a superb base for tributes to be built on, with red varieties a particularly popular base. If you are looking for a long lasting flower, carnations fit the bill once again as they are known for staying in bloom for a fairly long time.


Roses traditionally signify love, with red roses embodying feelings of passion and courage. Yet, red is not the only colour choice for roses with pink and yellow options becoming increasingly popular. Pink roses symbolise femininity, joy and hope while yellow roses represent the celebration of life.


White chrysanthemums are often recognised for their connections with truth and honesty, making them a widely used funeral flower. They are another great option as the base to a floral tribute as they are available in a variety of colours. A delicate combination of these can act as a celebration of life with the daisy like appearance of the flower representing youthfulness, life and vitality.

More unusual colours such as burgundy and green feature alongside more traditional varieties such as white (symbolising innocence), pink (symbolising joyfulness) and yellow (for the celebration of life).

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