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UFO sighting shocks holidaymakers

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: February 12, 2009

Image of the object from the YouTube video

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VIDEO footage has emerged of a "cylinder-shaped object" which stunned holidaymakers as it hovered over the coast above a seaside resort.

The UFO was seen floating above a caravan park at Brean, near Burnham-On-Sea, in North Somerset last summer.

A two-minute video clip taken by an onlooker shows the cigar-shaped craft moving high above telegraph poles and stationary vans.

The shaky film, shot at a lunchtime and in clear blue skies last July, is proving a hit on the video-sharing website You-Tube.

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The video was taken at the height of the tourist season and a large crowd stopped to watch the phenomenon move in the air for 10 minutes.

It appears to be made of metal and has no visible attachments, ruling out the attachment of kite strings.

Avon and Somerset Police said yesterday they received no reports of UFOs in July. The previous month they did deal with a hoax call claiming objects were floating in the sky above Cheddar Gorge, which is 15 miles from Brean.

A leading UFO research group warned it could be a kite or even a new aircraft being secretly tested.

UFO expert Malcolm Robinson, who has studied the subject for more than 30 years, said the footage was "fantastic and baffling".

But Mr Robinson, who runs the respected Strange Phenomena Investigations group, said 95 per cent of sightings could be explained away after some investigation.

He said: "The footage is very, very unusual, but we must bear in mind that the majority of reports do have natural identifiable solutions.

"This case does not conform to the normal sighting pattern, in that they are usually spherical or globes of light. This shape has been seen before however.

"It could perhaps be a kite or canopy of some kind. We would want to speak to all witnesses, the police and check with the airports. That said, it is a fantastic and baffling piece of footage."

Mr Robinson believes about 3 per cent of sightings are so called "black budget technology" – aircraft being covertly tested.

Mark Newman, a spokesman for Burnham-on-Sea's rescue boat service, said: "There are already a range of theories on what the object might have been, with some believing it was a kite or balloon, while users on YouTube claim the object looks like a 'high altitude observation balloon payload'.

"Another says it looks like a metallic shape, larger than a plane, making it pretty big'."

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  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Oliver, Exmouth  |  February 13 2009, 9:07AM

    This is a real mystery; why on earth would aliens choose Burnham-on-Sea?

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  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Helen, Cornwall  |  February 12 2009, 5:40PM

    And what about the little puffs of smoke you see occasionally in the sky, looks like they are probably something to do with the 'UFO'