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By Western Morning News  |  Posted: August 20, 2014

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Kivells report another useful entry of 125 store cattle with mainly younger cattle forward with Messrs Heywood of East Liddaton at £880 and best heifers from Messrs James of Stowford also at £880 twice. The prime cattle trade saw the best reach £1133 for a medium weight steer from Will & John Prouse of Torrington whilst plenty of cull cows saw the best ‘Saler’ cows from Messrs Austin of Tavistock at £928 with premium set at 122p/kg. 112 baby calves saw a top call of £405 for a young Blue from Messrs Collins Partnership with others at £390, £385 & £340. Best Limousin hit £400 for Messrs Bond and best heifers from Jeremy Ovens at £272. 530 ewes sold to another flyer with Jack Neale topping at £107 with many pens up and over £100. A smaller entry of 485 prime lambs saw a top call of £80 for Tony Pickard of Bideford with 9 pens up and over £79. Best store lambs from Jim Dennis of Hartland at £61.


Stags report on August 14 report heavier lambs being sought after with three active purchasers all looking for good meat, heavier types with the best to £91.00 to Suffolk cross Charollais from Messrs WI Thorne & Son of Ashreigney and £87.80 again to Suffolk crosses for Mr BJ Tapp of South Molton. £86.80 to Charollais crosses from Messrs IP & L Stagg of Fremington and Texel sorts from Messrs G Dart & Sons of Molland, Mr MA Mildon of Chapelton and Messrs V & M Roberts of Dulverton at between £86.00 and £85.00. Two pens of Pure Texels from Mr S M Reed of Kings Nympton at 174.00ppk and 172.00ppk with 44.40kg Texel crosses from Mr KW Baker of Poughill and 51.00kg Suffolk crosses from Mr BJ Tapp’s second pen at 170.00ppk. 169.00ppk four times with two pens of Texel crosses from Mr KW Baker’s second pen and Messrs Dart’s second pen with Suffolk crosses from Mr RW Dyer of Braunton and Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton. Two pens of 45.00kg plus Texels at 168.00ppk, first to Messrs Roberts’ second pen with the other to Mr MA Milton’s second pen. Mr SM Reed of Kings Nympton also topped the cull sheep section with two pens of pure Texel ewes at £112.50 and £96.00 with £91.50 to Suffolks from Mr JK May of Bideford. Other Suffolks from Mr FC Reed of North Molton at £87.00 with three pens at £84.00 for Messrs DJ & RA Woollacott of Yarnscombe, Mr ME Snell & Son of Knowstone and Mr G Kivell of Ashreigney. Best of the cull rams to Suffoks from Mr R Irwin of Kings Nympton at £105.50 and £100.00. Two smart Angus cross xteers from the Lee Abbey Fellowship of Lynton at £972.00 and £874.80 (162.00ppk).


Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions report on August 14 a good entry of 799 sheep. A fast ewe trade to £105.80 Messrs Rottenbury for Texel crosses. Medium ewes to £81.50. Small ewes to £60. Good prime lamb returns in line on the week to £79.80 and 171p/kg. In the sale of grazing ewes and rams, Texel crosses to £105.80. £93.20 for Suffolk crosses from WH Coles & Daughters, and £90.50 for Everard Partners. Mules to £77 for SJ & RK Webber. Medium store lambs to £58 for RS & CM Webber.


Newton Abbot Livestock Auctioneers report on August 14 a shorter entry of lambs this week, meeting an improved trade. A top on the day of £73 for 48.2kg from RH & FP Harvey. Top per kilo of 157p/kg for Mr RD Coysh, for 44.2kg with a SQQ of 151.26p/kg up 3p on the week.


Kivells report on August 15 store cattle reaching £1180 for 15mo Char steers from Peter Heard of Okehampton with older sorts from Cyril Emmett of Aylesbeare reaching £1150 for Hfd cross & Sim steers. 24mo Hfd steers from Neil & Kate Lethbridge of east Allington sold to £1130 as quality steers from David & Monica Hannaford of Ashburton, Jack Palk of Paignton & John Cole of Ivybridge all made to £1100. 24mo Sim feeding heifers ran to £975 for David Verney of Kings Nympton and £950 for BRB’s from Barry Hallett of East Allington. Young Char bulls sold to £1450 for Nancy McInerney of Thorverton with in-calf Lim & AA cows running to £710 for Steven & Emma Rendle of Cornwood. Stirks sold to a top of £745 for 7mo Char steers from James Medland and family of Tavistock with others with the same remarks to £630 and their smart 6mo heifers to £545. Herefords ran to £700 for Malcolm Pugsley of Crediton with AA steers from Martin Sizmur of Thorndon Cross reaching £585. Heifers peaked at £600 for 4 BRB’s from Malcolm Pugsley with 14mo Sussex females hitting £535 for Martin Sizmur and Stabiliser’s selling to £455 for AJ Hamley from Hatherleigh. 96 calves topped at £368 for a BRB bull from Mr FJ Luxmore of Lapford. Others to £362 for DW Cole of Bradninch and £355 for Dallyns Dairies of Barnstaple and PC Clarke of Aylesbeare. Simbulls sold well to £345 & £328 for AA Davey of Lewdown. AA bulls to £270 for Keith Hulbert of Honiton and £260 for Dallyns Dairies. Top of the day in the heifer section were Herefords from Dallyns Dairies at £265. Friesians topped at £128 for Ian Pincombe of Crediton. Other stronger sorts from £50-£65 representing good value. 120 pigs saw cull sows from Mr Peters of Talaton at £227 and Colin Gibbins at £190 & £189. Messrs Tope of Blackawton to £185 and Andrew Freemantle to £183. Prime pigs to £154 and £153 from Clive Hawes of Bicester in Oxfordshire Messrs Tope & Son to £136 with Messrs Bridgman of Winkleigh at £133. Medium weights topped at £129 for Mr Baker of Kennford with others from Messrs White of Bovey Tracey at £114 and lightweights from Richard & Vicky Gibbins of Poltimore at £104. Store pigs from Messrs Gibbins topped the day at £101 with their young pigs at £42 & £40. Trevor Hampton of Cambourne’s 8 week old pigs to £35 with others between £30 - £34 from various vendors. Less store lamb at 601 sold to £64 for WR & AR Bater of Chittlehamholt, £62.50 & £61 for East Coombe Farm Partners of Stockleigh Pomeroy and £61 & £59.50 for Ivan Mortimore & family of Chagford. Average £53.87. Barley straw saw three bidders competing well and pushing the price to £22 per bale on behalf of Rodney Mansbridge of Dorset. On Monday August 18 prime cattle sold to 204ppk for a 27mo BA steer from Geoff Cleave of Christow with his heifer of the same breed selling to 203ppk & £1263. The Berry family of Bow saw 28mo Lim’s sell to 202ppk (£1281) as AA steers from Reg Wills of Ashburton ran to £1215 and best OTM prime sold to £1103 for a BS heifer from Andrew Poole of Morchard Road. Barren cows peaked at 160ppk and £1193 for a BRB from AH & M Ware of Silverton with Reg Nicholls of Totnes seeing his SD sell for 136ppk and £1176. Moorland types reached 127ppk for S/horn cross cows from James Medland of Tavistock and Galloway’s 120ppk for John Hodge of Okehampton. Friesian barreners peaked at 124ppk for Andrew Poole. A shorter entry of 1843 cull and prime sheep saw heavy lambs to £87 for Roy Adams of Talaton, £85.20 for B Osborn of Wilmington and 383 for Andrew Hext of Totnes with a further ten lots over £80. Best of the handy-weights saw 43-45kgs sell from £77-£82.50 for Messrs Halwell Farm of Kingsbridge or 184, 183 & 175ppk. Top per kilo was 186ppk given for a cracking 35kg Beltex from Robin Thorp of Dawlish (£65). 746 cull sheep topped at £107.50 for both James Westcott of Cullompton and Mike Waycott of Ashburton, others £104.50 & £102.50 for Ian Widdicombe of Totnes and £103.50 for F Archer of Pennymoor. Cull rams to £98.50 for Aubrey Hosegood of East Worlington’s Dorset and £97.50 for a Blue-Faced Leicester from R & A Montague of Highampton.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report on August 16 another excellent entry of 91 dairy cattle. Eight sold to over £2000, with a top of £2080 for a non pedigree from Mr FE Luff. A good run of cows to £2010, £1910 and £1810 for Standon Holsteins Ltd. Others £2000 for Mr MC Powell and £1820 and £1800 Mr D Tottle. Probably the best youngstock trade seen for many months saw some excellent cattle forward. Mark Futcher’s yearling heifer (Sept 2013) sold to £890. An increased entry of 730 strong store cattle, part of 962 with the stirks and sucklers, meeting an outstanding trade. Top was £1300 for a grand, lean black Limousin steer (25mo) from Mr THJ Denbee, Stoughton Cross (FA) who sold others 24mo at £1160. A similarly tremendous, lean black Limousin steer (26m) from Mr M Monkhouse, Wilmington sold particularly well at £1290. An exceptionally good conformation Blue steer (26mo) from Mrs PM Hopkins, Offwell shot to £1248. A strong Simmental steer (28mo) from Messrs RH & FJ Ellicott, Raddington hit £1245, when another from the same farm met a call of £1230. Native steers continue to be highly sought to £1220 for well fleshed Angus (26mo) from Mr CJ Chant, Bower Hinton, who sold others at £1135. Strong heifers dearer again to £1115 for a 25mo Angus from Mr RD & Mrs SA Patch (FA). An excellent entry of stirks sold to a sensational trade which was even dearer than last week. Top price of £915 (14mo) for a British Blue steer from Messrs EA & DA Ellis who also sold others at £895 (9mo) £845 (10mo) £835 (11mo) and £785 (9mo). Heifers to £912 (10mo) for a British Blue from Messrs EA & DA Ellis who also sold others at £852 (8mo) £770 (13mo) £755 (9mo) £725 (9mo) and £715 (9mo). A quality entry of 425 non-export calves sold to a firm and excellent trade. Top price today £560 and £530 for 2 10 week suckler bred Limousin bulls from Mr CD Griffin. Bright heifer trade when older Blues sold to £388 and £378 from Eric Parker. Not quite so many Friesians forward (117) and a similar trade to last week. An exceptional Holstein Friesian bull from Mr N Broom sold to £192. British Friesians to £146 Mr BG Bartlett and £112 Mr SW Batten. Most good calves £60-£100. An entry of 3527 sheep forward. A larger entry of 1469 store lambs sold to a slightly easier trade for the strongest lambs but remain a firm trade for the medium and smaller types. The best sold to £75.50 from Messrs House & Sons. Overall average £55.48. A similarly large entry of 1079 grazing ewes and rams sold to another strong competitive trade. The best sold to £114 from Mrs K Roberts. Overall average £64.25. Yet another large entry of 941 Breeding Ewes for the catalogued Suffolk and Suffolk cross sale sold to a good level of interest. Suffolk Mules at the fore to £140 from Messrs Foxhollow Farm Ltd and Mr DW Ridd. Older ewes to £129 for 6T Suffolk Mules from Messrs Potticks Pigs Ltd. Overall average £115.55. A larger entry of 20 stock rams sold to a good trade for the best presented but again difficult for 2nd quality types. The best sold to £380 (x2) and £350 (x3) for Charollais shearlings all from Mr J Harding.

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