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Family farmers believe gassing 'humane way' to cull badgers

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: February 26, 2014

Family farmers believe gassing 'humane way' to cull badgers
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The Family Farmers’ Association is calling for a more humane approach to the badger cull in its winter newsletter, just published.

The Devon-based organisation says it is waiting “with some anxiety” for the independent panel’s reports into the safety, humaneness and effectiveness of the two pilot culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

That report, which is already overdue, is now expected in March and could trigger the roll-out of further culls in bovine TB hotspot areas, including Devon and Cornwall.

But the FFA suggests: “A more scientific solution which we, and many others, have advocated all along, would seem more effective and more humane. That is, as we have said so many times, to identify sick badgers and put their complete sett painlessly to sleep with car exhaust fumes.”

The organization, which represents smaller family farmers, also calls for a reversal of the Badger Act which currently outlaws badger control. “Surely the police could prevent illegal badger baiting at a more modest cost [than the cost of the culls]? Farmers and gamekeepers would then remove badgers who were a nuisance at no cost to the public,” the newsletter suggests.

The FFA calls into question the method for counting the badgers before the cull in the two cull zones. “An exact count of badgers, even in one extensive sett, would seem to be a tall order,” it concludes.

The future of badger culling is likely to come to a head over the coming days, in the wake of the two-day NFU conference which closes this afternoon in Birmingham.

The FFA says: “There must be a serious attempt to stop the relentless march of Mycobacterium bovis across Britain for everybody’s sake – cattle, farmers, badgers, hedgehogs, ground nesting birds, hares, frogs and wild bees. There is a report that the Labour Party’s attitude in parliament has softened and their spokesman has said they could accept the culling of sick badgers if science showed it was necessary. Defra is gradually leaking more information about other domestic animals which have been infected with bTB.”

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  • barney2  |  February 27 2014, 11:26PM

    There are just stupid ignorant fools. The sad thing about this is that some farmers will believe this.

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  • Cerdicboy  |  February 27 2014, 8:17PM

    Just what does the Family Farmers' Association do to animals they do not like! Is crucifixion an option they would consider?

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  • groundnut  |  February 26 2014, 12:37PM

    It is perhaps slightly refreshing to note the FFA voice to a more humane path to badger killing. Unfortunately it does not stop at humane or science based. It proceeds on to Gassing of Setts, with car fumes. It also advocates removing the protected status of Badgers. Unfortunately the illegal killing of Badgers and other Wildlife is on the increase. As is the so called sport killing on large shooting estates. Where illegal killing is also taking place of those Birds and mammals considered to interfere with profit. It is also worth pointing out that the shooting mercenaries have already grouped together. Even before ANY report on the last cull or other details of that cull have been published by DEFRA. And even before waiting for the Welsh government to publish its report on year 2013. So far even in spite of the AHVLA computer glitch. The progress in Wales has been impressive. The killing exercise by DEFRA /NFU/ Natural England by comparison was political, and totally lacking in Science. It is clear that it is not the intention of those parties involved to participate in Humane science. The vested and Political interests beam through. The pathway is not towards any humane science based solution to BTB. It is a first and foremost a wildlife killing exercise. Yes there is a need (recognised by all) to stop the spread of BTB. Wales has already shown a way through humane science. England has wasted time and money on the Politics. Whilst all the Public support any humane science based way forward towards the eradication of BTB. When they look behind the secrecy, methodology and the Politics. They will be able to see the obvious signs of vested interests and totally unacceptable Politics.

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