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The Duchy of Cornwall should be run by the Cornish

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: September 14, 2012

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A great many people living in this Royal Duchy must be asking themselves, who runs this Duchy?

It seems it is not the elected councillors, but the over-paid officers called civil servants. They have that name because they are supposed to do our bidding, and be subservient to the good offices of our elected representatives, our Cornwall councillors, not the other way round.

Watching the dreadful bullying of all councillors by our overpaid Mr Lavery at the meeting of the full council on Tuesday September 4, and his overpaid friends, none of whom come from, or wish to have anything to do with, Cornwall or her people, it was very obvious that the cabinet in situ have been beaten into submission.

The Duchy needs to be run by we Cornish, who are far better educated and equipped to run ourselves than the people running the Duchy at the moment.

All we hear is that there is no money, we must save money.

I have been listening to this ever since 1995.

If this is so, why are the council officers wasting millions of taxpayers money on an out-of-date contaminating incinerator, when it can be proved that many millions can be saved by not going ahead with it?Then they waste £8 million tarting up their own offices, so that they have a nice comfortable life in County Hall, which happens to be full of concrete cancer and should be demolished before it falls down of its own accord.

They then wish to put local people working in this Duchy into yet more poverty by getting rid of, or cheapening their jobs by outsourcing them to some company who no doubt will sack them all after a short while, and outsource the jobs again to another country, whilst at the same time closing all our libraries, because they do not pay them enough money.

At the same time they are telling the people who live in this Duchy that it is the best for us.

It reminds me of a parent who tells a child it is being starved of food, or that the beating it is having is good for it, when in truth the parent is actually enjoying itself at the child's expense.

The staff at county hall then make very sure that Mr Lavery and his chums from the north of England that he has brought down here, are paid well over the county average pay for their rank. They all seem to be being paid around £100,000-£200,000 a year!

By getting rid of all of them and employing our own Cornish, highly educated people, who long to come home, we could save our selves, the Cornish tax payers, at least £2 million to £3 million per year.

Councillor Currie was quite correct in his statement.

I say this ongoing nonsense has to stop now.

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