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Doc Martin returns to 'Port Wenn'

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: May 15, 2009

  • Martin Clunes as Doc Martin

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HIS grumpy antics have captivated more than 11 million viewers, and Doc Martin's fans are eagerly awaiting more of the same as filming starts on the fourth series of the hugely popular comedy drama.

Filming has started in Cornwall of the latest instalment of the series starring Martin Clunes. He returns to play the curmudgeonly Dr Martin Ellingham, known for routinely upsetting the fictional community of Port Wenn on the North Cornwall coast.

The filming of the new series has just begun with the bulk of the scenes being shot in the fishing village of Port Isaac.

Last year, controversy marred the filming of the third series, with some villagers calling for it to be banned altogether claiming that the additional traffic was causing chaos in the narrow streets.

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Local residents described the filming of Doc Martin as "disaster for Port Isaac" complaining of parking problems and visitors being unable able to find holiday accommodation because "all the cottages were rented out to the crew".

But a spokesman for ITV told the Western Morning News: "We have a good relationship with the people of Port Isaac, who are helpful and welcoming and we always try to minimise the number of days on set."

Immune from the controversy surrounding the filming, Doc Martin fans will be waiting anxiously to see how the last minute wedding day disaster that ended the third series turns out.

Producer Philippa Braithwaite said: "We are delighted to be back in Cornwall to make this fourth series. There are plenty of surprises in store for the doc, and compelling story lines."

In series four, Martin Clunes is again joined by Caroline Catz as Louisa while Stephanie Cole plays Aunt Joan who, while despairing of the doc's habitual caustic comments, faithfully supports her hapless nephew. Fans of school headmistress Louisa will be disappointed by unconfirmed rumours that she is to leave the village in this series and, more worrying for Doc Martin's 11.5 million viewers, that he may soon follow. But any exit will not be before trying to conquer his inconvenient comical aversion to blood by returning to his former high-flying career as a vascular surgeon. Filming is due to finish by early August and it is scheduled to be screened in the autumn.

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  • Roodlefix  |  September 20 2011, 12:54AM

    Absolutely love this series wish I could live in Port Issac someday its so beautiful and relaxing.I cannot remember ever having liked a British series so much apart from "one foot in the Grave" Thank you to all the many fine British actors and creators of these memorable characters Maurice Brown Suitland,Maryland USA

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Oscar Antonio Vicario, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina  |  March 11 2010, 2:09AM

    In 2009 we had the opportunity of watching the third season of Doc Martin down here in Argentina. As to seasons one and two, no idea what happened, but we look forward to the possibility of watching the fourth season some time in the future. Although English is not our mother tongue, my wife and I love British series and they help us improve and update our English in a very pleasant way.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Shirley Tribe, Werribee, Victoria, Australia  |  March 01 2010, 10:13PM

    Just wanted to say our family are great fans of the Doc Martin series. We love the quaint village where it is filmed, and if we get a chance to visit England we will be coming to see Pt Isaac. You have many fans in Australia. Looking forward to the next series.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    keith, south yorkshire  |  January 02 2010, 9:48PM

    could you please tell me if there is a new filming of Doc Martin in 2010 at Port Isaac.and if so when does it start. Many thanks. Keith.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Rob, USA  |  October 29 2009, 3:10AM

    My wife and I began watching the Doc just this evening and immediately fell in love with the story! I do understand the concern of traffic and unfair advantages of the actors and crew while the townspeople suffer. However, one cannot ignore the economic boost to the community should those being compensated actually spend their money there. I also understand Port Isaac not wanting the extra traffic. You have such a beautiful town and I so enjoy watching Doc for that particular reason.

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  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Alistair, Australia  |  August 12 2009, 4:39AM

    Love the show and even went to Port Isaac on a recent trip to the UK just to see the place in person. Is there a better, more versatile actor in the world that Martin Clunes. How can the same man be Doc Martin and Garry from 'Men Behaving Badly', and William from 'William and Mary' - another fabulous show if you haven't seen it.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    sue, Devon  |  August 09 2009, 1:54PM

    Came across the filming of the latest series of Doc Martin when visiting Port Issac a few weeks ago as far as I can see it can only do good for the village bringing in extra revinue during hard times.We have had a wet Summer so far and retailers in these holiday villages must be suffering.It was a most enjoyable morning,how hard the actors and crew work in such confined spaces,it was so nice to see Martin Clunes and Stephanie Coles and will look forward to watching the scene we saw being shot when the series returns in the Autumn.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    gillian sanders, leicestershire  |  August 01 2009, 8:47AM

    they was filming 31 st august 2009 , martin clunes said it was his last day, i managed to get a picture with him, what a lovely man xx

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Gaye Staege, Wisconsin, United States of America  |  July 27 2009, 4:20PM

    What a wonderful, refreshing, real show! My father (79) and I just love it, can't wait for Saturday nights, when it is played here in America! Best show on TV!! Gaye, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, United States of America

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    rob, West Midlands  |  July 22 2009, 12:57PM

    I missed filming of Doc Martin this month by ONE DAY!!! They stopped filming the day I was there, due to heavy rain. Thinking of going back in August, but they may have completed it by then......anyone know the exact date when they finish there?