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Disability row councillor is Collin Brewer re-elected to Cornwall Council

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: May 04, 2013

  • Disability row councillor is Collin Brewer re-elected to Cornwall Council

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Collin Brewer, the Cornwall Councillor who said disabled children should be "put down", has been elected by a narrow margin.

Amid heckles of "shameful" and "you are a disgrace", the Wadebridge East candidate listened as the results for his ward were read out, seeing him regain the seat he vacated when he resigned in February by just four votes.

Mr Brewer, who justified his standing for election as a chance to let the people of Wadebridge pass judgement on his actions, attributed his success to his good track record as a councillor.

However, his election has sparked a vehement reaction from disability charities with Disability Cornwall saying it was "shocked beyond words" and Mencap labelling it "horrifying".

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Sarah Maguire, the woman who led the campaign against him when his comments emerged in February, said she was "surprised" after coming last out of six councillors.

While Labour candidate Adrian Jones said it was a move in the "wrong direction" for the town.

Mr Brewer, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, said he was delighted at regaining his seat but that life had been hell for him and his family since he resigned.

He said:"I had to resign at the time because of the media pressure but I felt it was right the people of Wadebridge should decide on my future and they have decided.

"I've done nothing wrong – I've apologised. The people in Wadebridge wanted me to stand and I'm proud to stand for them. (The comment) was completely out of character because I had a series of strokes, people are more susceptible to flaring up if something annoys them."

Mr Brewer stepped down as a councillor after it was revealed he said to a disabled charity worker in 2011 that disabled children cost the authority too much.

Ms Maguire, who came last with 146 votes compared to Brewer's 335, said: "Collin does have a good track record of serving Wadebridge. I expected I would do better. I am surprised, it doesn't reflect my experience on the doorsteps of Wadebridge."

In a statement Disability Cornwall said many of its members were deeply saddened. "(They) worry what this could mean for us all, with such discriminatory views held by the 'leaders' of our county. What will they think now of the people of Cornwall, who are responsible for voting for someone who holds and speaks such disparaging views?"

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  • clivegsd  |  May 06 2013, 11:53AM

    The starred words were n****r and p**I which I used to demonstrate how offensive the attacks on disabled people are.

    |   1
  • clivegsd  |  May 06 2013, 11:52AM

    If you substituted "******" or "****" or any other minority it wouldn't be tolerated by most people. But because this bigot attacks disabled people it is. This says a lot about how this country has gone down the ****per. Those who defend this bigot, I hope in the future you nor any relative of yours gives birth to a disabled child.....no sorry, I DO hope you experience it. Then you will know what it is like to be targeted by the likes of Brewer and Cameron

    |   2
  • rachtalbot20  |  May 05 2013, 10:49PM

    what a beep, just looking at a picture of him makes me sick. i have a autistic child and that comment has really got my blood boiling i hope the people who voted for him are ashamed

    |   3
  • fullscott  |  May 05 2013, 9:40AM

    So none of you have ever said or done something that you later regretted? What perfect angels! Now show some compassion. As for the comparison with Nazi Germany - I don't believe Mr Brewer has any connection with UKIP. ("Nazi" means "Nationalist" and they got elected in a depression, by voters who didn't want their jobs going to foreigners.)

    |   -2
  • Dangerman  |  May 04 2013, 4:28PM

    I wonder if those who re- elected this man, would care to write in an explain why. ?

    |   5
  • twofeetofsnow  |  May 04 2013, 12:46PM

    On the television last night he showed no remorse for his words, he called it a wind up of the people he made the remark to. The people of Wadebridge should call for a recount.

    |   8
  • TheGeofflane  |  May 04 2013, 12:05PM

    When comedians make jokes about doctors writing 'NFN' on patients' notes (Normal for Norfolk), one wonders what they'll suggest for Wadebridge. But as he, himself, said, he's done nothing wrong, and used a series of strokes as an excuse. Your time's up mate. Maybe you need the money. Could I post you a book on eugenics? It sold well in Germany in the thirties. If you should suffer another stroke, let's hope it doesn't leave you 'disabled'.

    |   7
  • emurfitt  |  May 04 2013, 12:02PM

    This is very disturbing. Social attitudes towards disabled people have plummeted since the present government took power three years ago. We are now seeing the consequences of relentless propaganda that portrays disabled people as a waste of space and a target for hate. The people who voted for this monster are mindless automatons who cannot think for themselves. This is a pattern of events that echoes the rise to power of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. Euthanasia is never an option, Mr Brewer and the sick voters of Wadebridge. Not even in jest. Not for any reason.

    |   10
  • goldenoldy  |  May 04 2013, 11:56AM

    APPALLING ?SHOCKING?, no just the people who really know him having the decency to give him a chance to prove he is a good guy, everyone deserves a chance to rehabilitate themselves so this is his. Winston Churchill said and did some pretty bad stuff in his early years, good job he got another chance, so come on all the shocked and appalled christian? thinkers and let the man prove himself, if he fall off the cliff again then he is a fool.

    |   -8
  • chinaKlee  |  May 04 2013, 11:24AM

    Michael Tremberth If your allegation that Collin Brewer said that disabled children should be "put down" can be substantiated, those who voted for him may have to come to terms with the fact that they elected someone who may have advocated murder.

    |   8