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Diabetes and Pain: Why you have this problem

By HealthAlert  |  Posted: December 25, 2012

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Diabetes and pain go together, they arecommonly linked and this is due to the way that blood sugar works.Pain in the legs,feet,back and fingers are all signs that there istrouble in the body, this is not something that you will want to livewith as it can cost you the body. This is a punishing illness thatcauses many health problems. Diabetes and Pain are a very strongenemy against the cells of the body

What the pain means

Blood sugar is a good thing, it isnecessary for the cells of the body to have energy, without bloodsugar you could not live but we have a big problem in the West withtoo much blood sugar. Too much blood sugar in the bloodstream is apoison and this is where you lose the body parts. High glucose(bloodsugar) destroys the cells of the body, when this is not reversedthere is permanent damage to the organs of the body. The loss ofkidney and liver function is one of the complications. In addition,diabetic amputations and blindness are all the results of highglucose levels sitting in your bloodstream. This is when thediabetes pain began, the painful condition is a signal that yourpancreas cannot remove the flood of blood sugar. This is where thebattle can be lost.

The body tries to remove this flood ofglucose with insulin but the cells do not respond , they are nowresistant to the insulin. The story gets worst but we can see howhigh blood sugar is a very dangerous thing. Diabetes and pain is asign of a body losing the fight, it is a very important sign of adangerous situation.

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