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Country notebook

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 13, 2013

By Dorothy Stiffe

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Gerry, my son-in-law, plonked a small length of tree trunk on my gravel patch. "For Felix," he said. "It might stop him scratching the furniture."

My four-year-old newly acquired cat from the rescue centre had other ideas. At first he wouldn't even sniff it but later changed his mind and found it good fun, but he still scratched the carpet, etc.

"You need a proper cat scratching post," said Heather, so I bought one. it was standing on a velvet-type base, a thick rough chord was bound around the post which had a furry ball hanging by elastic from its top.

Heather assured us that her friend's cat had great fun with a similar thing. Felix couldn't care less. He wouldn't even look at this new toy.

After a year cast-off bits of claws appeared at the base of the post and Felix was seen to take a leap at the ball. Hurray. He was at last using his scratching post. Now, a couple of years later I have had to buy a new one. That first one is worn out. The chord shredded, the hard cardboard post lacerated. I have put the new one beside it. When Felix starts using it then I can dump the old one. At the moment Felix won't look at it. Heather has fixed pieces of the old chord and the furry ball on to the new scratchers so that he can get familiar from it. No luck so far.

You hear of horse whisperers and their magical results, what I need is a cat whisperer.

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