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Country notebook

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: December 06, 2013

By Liam Mulvin

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In the nature of my work I quite often have to drive in to the office in the dark. It is a fine time to catch nature unawares.

Not so long ago I headed into work on a particularly patchy, misty morning. By chance the moon was full, and beamed down from a cloudless sky.

I had already been struck by how beautiful the shadows of the trees looked as they stood out starkly, as if cutting through the mist. Quite clear and sharp they cut into the mist like scissors through paper.

Then I noticed a shadow move. It caught my eye clearly and I slowed my speed before braking hard and stopping suddenly.

The shadow slowly lengthened into the moonlight and became the sharp silhouette against the mist of a majestic deer. Looking like something out of Disney, the deer himself then emerged from between the trees and stalked forward.

Behind him came a small harem of three females. They seemed equally as majestic as their lord, but somehow, even their shadows seemed to be a little more delicate and feminine than his.

The four of them continued on their way, the dark elongated shadows they threw flickering in and out of the more solid tree shadows. Slowly they crossed the field to the side of me before stepping onto the road and crossing over in front of me.

As they got to the other side of the road, they and their shadows disappeared, and I was alone once more.

Realising I had not breathed through the entire episode I let out a deep breath, and gasped in surprise.

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